Portable Gas Detectors

Our award-winning range of portable gas detectors provides customers with a simple, reliable and stress-free approach to safeguarding personnel against a wide range of hazardous gases.

Unlike fixed gas detectors, which permanently monitor a designated area, portable gas detectors are mobile devices used by personnel to provide pre-entry gas level checks.
Each portable device will test gas levels in an area to ensure it is safe for human entry.

The focus on three core pillars reflects that of our customers – ship safety, performance and crew welfare, so we know we tick all portable gas detection boxes.

Mobile Portable Gas Detection Range

Portable gas detectors such as the Marine 4 & 5™, Triple-C or the Protégé ZM can be worn by crew members to check that various spaces are safe before they approach them. At the touch of a button, the gas detector will check for the presence of multiple gases and provide a reading.

The Marine 5™ can detect up to five gases with its catalytic and toxic sensors, infrared capabilities and photo ionisation detectors. Most portable detectors will be calibrated to test for some or all of the standard four gases (Flam, H2, CO, and O2).

Some portable gas detectors are affected by sensor poisoning and/or drift. Others may not be compatible with Zone 0 (flammable) or inert (oxygen-free) environments.
We can safely say the Triple C is the toughest portable gas detector on the planet, as its IP68 rating attests. The Triple C can withstand Zone 0 and inert environments with no impact on performance; it is immune to fine dust and can be submerged up to 1.5m underwater too.

It doesn’t need calibrating, is entirely customisable, can be digitally assigned to a crew member or department, and is the only portable gas detector with three years of battery life, allowing for 90 seconds of alarm each day.
We understand that one of the cumbersome tasks onboard is trying to ensure all of your equipment is fully functional with no batteries or charges being run down, so this is borne in mind with the design of all of our products.

Why Choose Our Mobile Gas Detectors?

A SOLAS requirement (SOLAS Chapter XI-1/7) is that “Every ship to which Chapter 1 applies shall carry an appropriate portable atmosphere testing instrument or instruments….” There are so many confined spaces or void spaces in which gas can accumulate that they need to be checked and verified as safe before entry.

Our comprehensive range of marine gas detection ensures the safety of all crew members at all times whilst keeping up to date with IMO regulations.

The detectors possess a range of impressive benefits;

  • Battery Life – up to 3 years with no battery replacement.
  • Bump testing – some models, such as the Triple C, do not require bump testing.
  • Impressive calibration accuracy.
  • Hassle-free data logging.
  • Maintenance Updates.

The approach to ship safety, performance and crew welfare is why Martek Marine consulted as an industry authority to help reduce the number of unnecessary deaths when IMO Regulation XI-1/7 was drafted.


Martek Marine offers a complete consulting service to create a bespoke gas detection package tailor-made to your requirements. Get yours now.

Download our free guide for more information on the issues associated with gas detection and tips on reducing costs while significantly increasing safety and efficiency.

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