Portable Gas Detectors

You’re looking to keep your onboard crew safe, you want to know you have reliable PPE equipment, and you need to know you’re not going to be hauled over the marine compliance coals for a poor buying decision. So it may help to know when you’re looking for the best portable gas detectors you can find, that we didn’t manage to completely disrupt the marine technology industry by accident.

Martek Marine’s focus on three core pillars matches yours – ship safety, performance and crew welfare, so we know we tick ALL of your portable gas detection boxes. We also know that you don’t actually care about that though – the only bells and whistles you’re interested in right now are the ones that sound the alarms that keep your crew alive when they enter enclosed spaces. And that the alarm is still working even though the battery hasn’t been replaced for a couple of years because that is how it was designed…

Portable Gas Detection You Can Trust

The problem is, whether it’s quad gas detection, five gas detectors or fixed gas detectors – whichever type of gas detection product you’re looking at – you’re not just buying a gas detector. You’ve got to prove you’re taking your job seriously. That you’re buying gas detectors that navigate bump tests, calibration accuracy and logging, keep up with IMO regulations, reduce calibration gas budgets, let you know when parts need replacing, certify that they meet strict toxic gas detection criteria and more – all as easily and reliably as possible.

We 100% get it. It’s why Martek Marine was consulted as an industry authority to help reduce the number of unnecessary deaths when IMO Regulation XI-1/7 was drafted.

You can’t avoid having enclosed spaces onboard a ship designed to keep cargo watertight

You can’t avoid flammable gases such as hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide building up to lethal concentrations that explode in seconds or suffocate crew in minutes.

You can’t avoid the pages and pages of safety, medical, environmental, and navigation marine regulations you need to comply with before your crew are even allowed onboard.

You can make that job much easier though by using a marine safety equipment provider you trust. Let’s not beat about the bush – our kit is called life-saving for a reason.

You Can’t Use A Dead Battery As An Excuse

Neglect your duties and your ships are accidents waiting to happen. Your crew are entering enclosed spaces every day. They’re exposed to hazards daily with explosive gases lurking that would endanger them as well as the rest of the crew and ship. Confined spaces with such low oxygen levels in them, they’d pass out before they’ve reached the ground.

They need to have confidence you’re keeping them safe. You need confidence you’re investing in the right company to do that. Only the highest standards of safety and performance are why Martek Marine has supplied over 30,000 shipsets across the globe and are steaming ahead in portable gas detection.

We’re helping you spot the gas leaks via portable gas detectors. We’re sounding the alarms when it’s dangerous to proceed. We’re watching your crew while they sleep via gas emissions and monitoring systems.

The irony is that our 20 years of marine safety expertise and innovation are disrupting our arena by making sure there’s no disruption to yours.

Martek offers a full consulting service to create a bespoke gas detection package that’s tailor-made to your exact requirements. Get yours now.


Download our free guide for more information on the issues associated with gas detection, as well as tips on how to significantly reduce costs while increasing safety and efficiency.

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