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Bulksafe™ is a permanent ship’s hold water ingress detection system (WIDS) for bulk carriers. The system comprises of a central Bulksafe™ control and alarm panel interfacing, with intrinsically safe MMS900 water level detectors installed in each compartment.


  • Easiest and most compact system on the market to install
  • Guaranteed to be IACS S24 and IACS UR S24 compliant
  • Guaranteed to be SOLAS X11 Reg. 12 compliant
  • Dust ingress and corrosion-proof – built to last

Water Ingress Detection System

The unique design of MMS900 water level detectors allows them to be installed so that they are totally isolated from the cargo and protected from mechanical damage during cargo operations. They can be installed without the need for any structural alterations or piping work within the cargo holds. Each MMS900 level switch is totally corrosion-proof and protected against dust ingress.

The Bulksafe™ control and alarm panel indicates the alarm status for each named compartment with discrete signals for 0.5m and 2m alarm levels. The system incorporates an optional function to provide a fully automatic ‘in-situ’ functional test of all detectors, even whilst cargo is present in the holds. With integral safety barriers, the Bulksafe™ is the most compact system available on the market.

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Bulksafe™ FAQs

Below are our customers’ most common questions about Bulksafe™ . If you need to know more, please get in touch with our friendly team.

What is Bulksafe™?

Bulksafe™ is a water ingress detection system (WIDS) specifically designed for bulk carriers. It is a comprehensive system that consists of a central control and alarm panel, along with intrinsically safe MMS900 water level detectors installed in each compartment of the ship’s holds. The system is engineered to detect and monitor water ingress in the cargo holds of bulk carriers, providing early warning signals to prevent potential flooding incidents. Bulksafe™ is known for its easy installation, compact design, compliance with international maritime standards, and durability against dust ingress and corrosion.

What does the Bulksafe™ control and alarm panel indicate?

The Bulksafe™ control and alarm panel indicates the alarm status for each named compartment in the ship’s holds. It provides discrete signals for different alarm levels, specifically 0.5m and 2m. These signals help in identifying the severity of water ingress in each compartment. The control and alarm panel is a centralised interface allowing quick and efficient water level detection system monitoring. It provides visual and/or audible alarms to alert the crew to potential water ingress issues, enabling timely response and appropriate actions to mitigate the situation.

Can the detectors be tested while cargo is present in the holds?

Yes, the Bulksafe™ system incorporates an optional function that allows for the testing of detectors even when cargo is present in the holds. This feature is known as an ‘in-situ’ functional test. It enables a fully automatic test of all detectors within the system, ensuring their reliability and functionality without the need to remove the cargo. This capability allows for regular testing and maintenance of the water level detectors, assuring that they are in proper working condition and capable of detecting water ingress accurately, even during cargo operations.

How can the ingress of water into the cargo hold be prevented?

Preventing water ingress into the cargo hold is crucial for cargo and vessel safety. Measures such as regular inspections, proper maintenance, effective hatch cover sealing, bilge system upkeep, and appropriate loading procedures can significantly reduce the risk. Additionally, crew training, weather monitoring, and emergency preparedness play vital roles. The Bulksafe™ water ingress detection system complements these prevention efforts by providing early warning signals and reliable monitoring of water levels in the cargo holds, enabling prompt response and mitigating potential risks associated with water ingress incidents. By combining preventive measures and advanced detection technology like Bulksafe™, vessels can enhance their ability to effectively prevent and manage water ingress.

What is water ingress?

Water ingress is the unintentional entry or infiltration of water into an area or structure that is not desired or intended. In the context of ships and vessels, water ingress refers to the entry of water into compartments such as cargo holds, ballast tanks, or other critical areas designed to remain watertight. Water ingress can occur for various reasons, including leaks, breaches, hull damage, faulty seals, or extreme weather conditions. It poses a significant risk as it can damage cargo, compromise vessel stability, affect buoyancy, and potentially endanger the safety of the crew and the vessel itself. Detecting and addressing water ingress promptly is crucial to prevent further damage and maintain the safety and integrity of the affected area.

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