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Vecsafe™ monitors oxygen and pressure levels in the Vapour Emission Control Systems (VECS). Each vapour line is monitored during loading operations for any over or under-pressurisation or an increase in oxygen levels approaching 8% volume in compliance with USCG and IMO legislation.

  • Simple installation
  • Reliable and proven technology
  • Large reference list for new and retrofit vessels
  • Cost-effective system to buy and maintain
  • DNV and CCS Type Approval

Vecsafe™ Gas Detection System

The system comprises of a deck-mounted enclosure containing an intrinsically safe oxygen sensor and pressure sensor with associated sample pipework, selector switches, and signal communications.

The control and alarm panel is normally mounted in the cargo control room (CCR) and provides an alphanumeric display of the oxygen level and pressure reading at each point.

Local audio and visual alarms can be initiated from the control panel, and repeater panels are optionally available for wheelhouse and engine control room annunciation.

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