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The Lifeline VIEW



In the unforgiving world of marine emergencies, every second counts. When a crewmate suddenly collapses and has difficulty breathing, you need more than a defibrillator – you need a trusted ally. The Lifeline VIEW is that ally, with clear visual and audio guidance to direct you through each step of the rescue; saving a life becomes as intuitive as watching a video.


Features That Make a Difference:  

Easy to understand, full-colour video instructions:Simple, clear visual and audio guidance walks you through every step of the rescue process, ensuring you can provide life-saving care even in the most challenging conditions.


Multilingual Guidance: Empowering all crew members with effective CPR instructions in up to 25 languages. 


Effective CPR: During a rescue, it’s easy to lose track of the compressions needed and the proper timing. The Lifeline VIEW’s built-in metronome takes the guesswork out of CPR, providing a steady beat that guides you through each compression, ensuring you deliver life-saving care effectively. 


Long-lasting battery with up to 120 shocks:With a long-lasting battery capable of delivering up to 120 shocks, you can rest assured that the Lifeline VIEW will be ready when you need it most. 


A Complete Life-Saving Solution

The Lifeline VIEW package provides a comprehensive foundation for life-saving intervention, including the below components as standard, but with the flexibility to add additional accessories as needed. 

Lifeline VIEW Defibrillator Unit 
Lightweight and easy to use, this automated external defibrillator (AED) provides clear visual and audio guidance, ensuring even untrained individuals can administer life-saving care.

Long-Lasting Battery 
With 120 defibrillator shocks or 8 hours of continuous operation, the Lifeline VIEW’s battery ensures it’s ready when you need it most. 

VIEW Adult Defibrillation Pads 
A standard set of adult pads is included, ensuring you have everything you need to provide immediate care. 

Clarity in Chaotic Situations

The Lifeline VIEW’s innovative interface is designed to guide even the most inexperienced crewmember through the life-saving defibrillation process. Clear voice instructions, accompanied by easy-to-follow graphics on the full-colour screen, eliminate any guesswork, ensuring critical actions are easily understood even amid a raging storm or the deafening roar of engines. 

Effortless Maintenance for Uninterrupted Readiness

The Lifeline VIEW is built to endure the rigours of the marine environment, ensuring it remains operational when needed most. Still, our commitment to functionality extends to maintenance as well. The VIEWs’ easy-to-replace battery and self-explanatory design minimise the need for technical expertise, while the automated daily self-check feature continuously monitors its health, guaranteeing your AED remains in top condition and ready for use when needed. 

Space-Efficient Design

The Lifeline VIEW’s compact design and lightweight construction make it easily portable, ensuring it can be readily deployed wherever an emergency may arise. Its compact size allows for effortless storage in even the most confined spaces, ensuring it is always within reach when needed. 

Lifeline VIEW Guides and Resources

For more information on the Lifeline VIEW AED, or to find out the importance of having an AED on-board your vessel, please see our Lifeline VIEW resources and guides.

Lifeline VIEW FAQ’s

Below are the most common questions we’re asked about the Lifeline VIEW from our customers. If you need to know more, then please get in touch with our friendly team using the form below.

How can I use the Lifeline VIEW to perform CPR?

The Lifeline VIEW’s video screen will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to perform CPR. Simply follow the instructions on the screen and continue CPR until the person starts breathing on their own or medical help becomes available.

Does the VIEW detect an irregular cardiac rhythm?

The Lifeline VIEW’s primary function is to analyse the patient’s heart rhythm and determine if an electrical shock is necessary to restore a normal heartbeat. If the VIEW detects an abnormally fast (Ventricular Tachycardia) or chaotic heart rhythm (Ventricular fibrillation) it will instruct the user to administer CPR and deliver the necessary shocks.

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