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Martek Marine

Keeping your vessels compliant is a mission on its own, but that’s not enough any more. The environmental wake of your choices is far more visible than it’s ever been so there’s absolutely no excuses for grey water here – you want total transparency on what you’re buying, and the impact it has on the world.

Which is why you need Martek Marine. We’re now well into our third decade of disrupting, innovating and revolutionising the marine industry, pioneering sustainable solutions for ship safety, performance and crew welfare.

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Martek Marine Sustainability Statement

We are dedicated to building a sustainable and profitable business while continuing to operate responsibly with honesty, integrity and fairness.

At Martek Marine, we are committed to establishing high ethical standards of behaviour and effective corporate governance. This defines our strategic and financial objectives. Corporate responsibility remains central to delivering our strategy and achieving our success.

We are committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner. We are putting in place processes to understand and address our responsibilities in respect of our operational impacts on the environment.

We aim to reduce the use of replacement parts and calibration to help overcome waste and excessive carbon emission.

Pioneering sustainable and innovative solutions for ship safety, performance and crew welfare

Our Offices

UK Head Office

Martek Marine,
Adwick Park, Manvers, Swinton,
S63 5AB
+44 (0)1709 599 222

Asia Office

1 Raffles Place Tower 2
Level #19-61 & #20-61
Singapore 048616
+65 6808 5862