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About Martek Marine

As a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of marine equipment across the globe - we're dedicated to making your fleet compliant with safety, environmental, medical, and navigation marine regulations.

If you want to make sure everything is ship-shape in your fleet, you’ve come to the right place. The Martek Marine online shop lets you buy your spares and consumables as and when you need them, making it easier, simpler, and far more convenient than traditional over-the-phone ordering. There's much less paperwork (no waiting around for invoices thanks to instant payments!) which means we can ship your products out even faster, too.

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How Ships Manage On-Board Healthcare Without Busting Budgets?
How Ships Manage On-Board Healthcare Without Busting Budgets?

Working at sea is naturally going to limit options when it comes to healthcare: there's no ER just down the road, no 24 hour emergency walk-in, no GP to hand for managing chronic conditions. The...

Ship Safety Solutions FAQs
Ship Safety Solutions FAQs

How can I ensure that my crew are fit to leave port? To protect your cargo and ensure the safety of your crew, it's vital that everyone on board your ship is in good physical shape. The use of...

Ship Regulations all Fleets Must Comply with
Ship Regulations all Fleets Must Comply with

All ships must undergo thorough checks and adhere to strict regulations before they start their voyage. This requirement helps to protect the condition of the boat, the environment and the safety of...

Our Offices

UK Head Office

Uk Head Office

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Asia Office

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