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A-B-C™ “Always Be Calibrated” Solution


The Always Be Calibrated A-B-C system will ensure your vessel has full control over its gas detection equipment, including maintenance and calibration, giving you the autonomy you need. The self-certification bump test station also has a unique feature that allows you to diagnose any faults with the detector.


With the Always Be Calibrated A-B-C system, you never waste a droplet of calibration gas again! Our self-calibration, self-certification bump test station only uses the gas required to calibrate your gas detectors.


  • Bump tests detectors in thirty seconds – quick and simple calibration
  • Automatic calibration after any failed test or when calibration is due
  • Produces a tamper-proof calibration certificate acceptable to Class, Port State Control and Oil Majors
  • Uses only a minimum amount of gas necessary – saves money on wasted calibration gas from manual testing
  • One solution – complete supply of the equipment and gas through one point of contact

A-B-C™ Solution Includes

A-B-C Solution Kit

  • Marine 4™ specialist portable quad gas detector (Marine 5™ option available)
  • Self-calibration self-certification station
  • Upgrade and include Tankscape™, our inerted cargo tank gas detection system

More About Marine 4™

  • MED “wheel marked” – certified for use on all vessels
  • Integral sampling pump – flexibility for pre-entry into deep tanks or holds
  • ‘Crew-safe’ fail-safe sensor technology
  • Tough and impact-resistant design, built to last on ships

More About Marine Tankscape™

  • Up to 5 gases can be simultaneously measured and displayed
  • Simple calibration with tamper proof certificate printing on-board
  • Enhanced data logging with tank identification to simplify your monitoring analysis

More About Fastcalgas™

  • World’s first 2-year shelf life – all quad, H2S, and other reactive mixtures
  • Highest gas production standards in the world
  • Every cylinder analysed for quality
  • Only need one delivery of gas to your ships every two years

A-B-C™ Guides and Resources

Please see the latest guides and resources for our portable gas detectors. Learn more about portable gas detection and which vessels it’s important for.


Please see below the most common questions we’re asked about the A-B-C Solution from our customers. If you need to know more, please contact our friendly team using the form below.

What does the A-B-C™ “Always Be Calibrated” Solution do?

The A-B-C™ system delivers onboard automatic and fail-safe calibration and bump testing of your detectors during re-charging

What makes the A-B-C™ “Always Be Calibrated” Solution different?

With every use, you will save 85% of gas usage compared to your on-board calibration systems – which means hundreds of dollars back in your pocket. Every. Single. Time.

What does the A-B-C™ “Always Be Calibrated” Solution include?

The A-B-C™ “Always Be Calibrated” Solution contains, a Marine 4™ Gas Detector, a Marine Tankscape™ and a bottle of Fastcalgas™.

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