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The LegionellaMAX Test Kit is the most advanced, accurate and versatile technology from Martek Marine for rapidly detecting Legionella bacteria in water samples and biofilms taken from any source.


  • The most reliable Legionella testing kit on the market
  • Tests both water samples and biofilms
  • Rapid results in 35 minutes
  • Easy to use – no training required
  • Supports risk assessment

Legionella Test Kit


Contains all the items required to perform 4 tests (2 water samples and 2 biofilm tests).

Designed to test for Legionella in both water and biofilms in risk areas identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, such as showers, industrial and domestic water systems, spas and bathtubs.

Uses an immunochromatographic assay to detect the presence of cell surface antigens from Legionella bacteria in a sample. The presence of antigen causes the “Test Line” to turn red in colour.

The filtration step concentrates the Legionella bacteria to achieve a sensitivity level of 0.01 CFU/ ML in water samples, and a sensitivity of 0.02 CFU/ML in biofilms.


100X EFFICIENCY – Improving the previous market-leading test to 0.1 CFU per ML.

UNRIVALLED ON-BOARD TESTING – Able to rival the accuracy that a lab is able to offer. Tests both water samples and biofilms taken from any source.

RAPID RESULTS – Simple “positive or negative” result within 35 minutes. The control line also indicates that the test is working correctly.

EASE OF USE – No formal training required. The pre-filled syringe containing recovery buffer and the pre-filled vials means there’s no need to measure or dilute solutions.


Under MLC 2006, you have a duty to conduct and document water testing on all consumable water supplies, whether it be for drinking, cooking or even cleaning. Failure to complete these inspections frequently can have disastrous effects on both your crews’ health and your reputation.

The LegionellaMAX Test Kit does away with time-consuming lab-based testing, giving you INSTANT results so you can treat your system ASAP.

This easy-to-use test can be fully conducted on-site with no formal training and delivers rapid results within 35 minutes. It’s the most advanced, accurate and versatile technology which rapidly detects Legionella bacteria, both in water samples and biofilms taken from any source.

Can your current testing method match that?

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