Fixed Gas Detection

Our intelligent range of fixed gas detection systems offer a comprehensive solution for any vessel requiring a reliable multi-gas system. The continued evolution of our systems keep in line with our three core pillars; ship safety, performance and crew welfare.

Tailored Fixed Gas Detection Solutions

When you’re looking for fixed gas detection systems, you need to know you’re going to get intelligent and failsafe round-the-clock protection, using bespoke solutions which cover all of the gas detection risks onboard your vessels.

That’s why at Martek Marine, we don’t offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Our specialised in-house engineers can create a fully addressable gas detection system designed to fit and future-proof your exact gas detection needs.

Consulted by IMO as an industry authority, we’re known for disrupting the marine technology space with innovation that keeps you safe and compliant, consistently raising standards to ultimately protect against on-board hazards and save more lives.

Compliant Coverage on the Team

It is a legal requirement to have the correct equipment in place to monitor and protect crew and vessel.
This is why every one of our fixed detection systems are guaranteed to be SOLAS and ISGOTT compliant, specifically designed to offer watertight protection against unexpected gas leaks and compromised inert gas systems.

Installing systems such as the the MM2000™ on crude oil vessels also means you’ll be ready for charter by ExxonMobil, giving you a key competitive advantage. The sophisticated system accurately detects and protects crew members from the highest threat – hydrogen sulphide at ExxonMobil Minimum Environmental and Safety Criteria levels.

Beyond the critical concern of crew protection and environmental preservation, shipping companies often express legislative concerns. You need to know your legislation inside out to make sure you’re fully compliant – and that’s where we go the extra mile yet again. There isn’t a single maritime regulation we don’t know about – as marine industry experts consulted by the IMO, not only does our equipment keep your gas detection covered, but your legal requirement is fully covered, too.

Fixed Gas Detection With No Blind Spots

Underpinning all Martek Marine products are our three core values – ship safety, performance and crew welfare. We know that you need to cover all angles, so we make sure our gas detection provision is as comprehensive as can be.

Trying to adapt rigid systems to the specific needs of your vessel is often an accident waiting to happen. You only need one blind spot, or one sensor to be misplaced and your gas protection could quickly be compromised.

In terms of marine gas detection, below par isn’t acceptable and decades of intimate industry experience are why we’re leading from the front.

Trusted, Innovative Fixed Detection Solutions from Martek Marine

Adapt your fixed gas detection system to the specifics of its location with our MM2000™ where up to 32 addressable sensors can communicate with the control panel giving you full flexibility and protection tailored perfectly to your needs.

We’ve made maintenance much easier by eliminating moving parts, creating a unit small enough to fit compact rooms and building it in a way that requires one-man calibration.

Installation costs are lower due to loop sensor cables without any reduced performance to the continuous monitoring of all sensors.

You can simultaneously monitor your emissions with Evolution EMS™ – the world’s first NOx, SOx and CO2 emissions monitoring system.

Detect the presence of explosive and toxic gases in ballast tanks, void spaces and cargo tanks using MM5001™ – our integrated sequential gas sampling system.

Superior gas detection solutions you can rely on

Not all fixed and portable gas detection systems are created equal – but with Martek Marine’s fixed gas protection systems, you’ll know without a doubt that you’ve secured the very best in continuous area and personnel protection.

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