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The MM2000™ gas detector is an intelligent, addressable fixed system designed to protect against flammable, toxic, and asphyxiant gases.


  • Simple commissioning & One-Man calibration
  • Continuous monitoring at all points all of the time
  • Guaranteed to be SOLAS and ISGOTT compliant
  • Ability to monitor from 1 to 32 addressable sensors on a fully looped system
  • Internal buzzer alarm for fault/alarm warnings to ensure you never miss a problem
  • Bespoke system – manufactured in-house by our specialist team of engineers

MM2000™ Gas Detector


Each fixed gas detection system is manufactured in-house by our specialised team of engineers – so you know what you’re getting is a truly bespoke system; The MM2000™ system tests for toxic and flammable gases in a range of situations. The twin green/amber/red LEDs for power, fault, and alarm on the controller, with an in-built internal buzzer for alarm/fault warnings, ensure you’ll never miss a potential problem.


The addressable fixed detection system is suitable for many applications – and is guaranteed to be SOLAS and ISGOTT compliant. Installing the MM2000™ also means you’ll be ready for charter by ExxonMobil – a critical competitive advantage. The system is set to detect hydrogen sulphide at ExxonMobil Minimum Environmental and Safety Criteria levels, ensuring protection from the highest threat to crew members on crude oil vessels.


A single four-core cable enables the system to monitor from 1 to 32 sensors at any time, while the simple system loop sensor cable ensures low-cost installation. No moving parts mean simple operation without risks of failure, while low-level area monitoring enables constant assessment of safe gas levels. Commissioning and calibration take just one person in a fraction of the time compared to conventional systems saving you precious time and money. With the controller, you can easily monitor local areas at set levels. The simplistic design means that sensors can be changed as technology advances without the need for any retro-fitting, making it a future-proof system.

Range of Application

Use the MM2000 system for a range of applications, such as:

  • Air conditioning system monitoring
  • General work and accommodation gas detection monitoring
  • Cargo pump room gas detection
  • Refrigerant detection

MM2000™ Guides and Resources

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MM2000™ FAQ’s

Please see below the most common questions we’re asked about the MM2000™ from our customers. If you need to know anymore, then please get in touch with our friendly team using the form below.

What are the benefits of MM2000™?

The MM2000™ has a range of benefits that makes it the perfect fixed gas detection system for your vessel, these benefits include;
• One man calibration
• Compact panel for the smallest control rooms
• No moving parts
• Continuous monitoring of all sensors
• Relay contacts for shutting down or alerting remote

How many sensor points does the MM2000™ have?

The MM2000™ can be configured to anything from 1 up to 32 sensor points.

What inputs can the MM2000™ have?

The MM2000™ can detect flammables, toxic (e.g. H2S) and oxygen.

What display does the MM2000™ have?

The MM2000™ has a 4 line alphanumeric LCD display, which indicates sensor address, gas type, concentration (rising or falling), peak hold, alarm status, system fault, line fault and line inhibit.

How can I find out more information on the MM2000™?

Should you wish to enquire about the MM2000™ gas detector, or purchase spares, please get in touch with us today using the form below

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