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Fixed Cost Servicing


Avoiding a fixed-price service contract leaves you wide open to inflated prices, unexpected costs, and unsafe systems. Don’t risk compromising the safety and reliability of your critical onboard equipment. With Martek Marine’s fixed-price service contracts, you can ensure peace of mind, cost control, and optimal performance for your safety systems.

We offer fixed services on the following systems;

  • MM5001 – Fixed Gas Sampling System
  • MM5000T – Fixed Gas Sampling System
  • MM2000 – Addressable Gas Monitoring System
  • Vecsafe – Oxygen and Pressure Monitoring System
  • Bulksafe – Water Ingress Detection System
  • Navgard – Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System
  • iECDIS – Electronic Chart Display and Information System
  • MariNOx/Evolution – Emissions Monitoring System
  • Sentry – Cargo Tank Pressure Monitoring System

Fixed Cost Service Benefits Include;

More visibility on maintenance costs

By opting for a fixed-price service contract, you gain clarity on the costs before receiving the final invoice. It also simplifies your annual budgeting per vessel, allowing for better financial planning.

More cost-effective

Our service contracts protect you from annual price increases. With fixed pricing, you can avoid inflated costs and control maintenance expenses.

No stress

Martek Marine takes care of your service schedule. We will proactively contact you when service is due, mutually agree on the most cost-effective port, and ensure a hassle-free renewal of your calibration certificate.

Training and support

We go beyond servicing your systems. Our expert engineers will provide proper maintenance training to your crew, empowering them to handle routine procedures effectively. Additionally, you’ll have access to free 24-hour troubleshooting and remote support, enhancing the reliability and uptime of your equipment.

Further savings

To maximise your benefits, we now offer service contracts ranging from 2 to 5 years. The longer the contract duration, the greater the savings for your business.

Why Choose Martek Marine?

Choosing Martek Marine means choosing reliability, expertise, and transparency. Our approved engineers are expertly trained on your safety systems, ensuring that your equipment is always in capable hands. We provide upfront quotes with no hidden costs, safeguarding your budget and eliminating unexpected financial burdens.

Contact Martek Marine today and secure a fixed-price service contract to keep your equipment running as intended while providing peace of mind. Take control of your maintenance costs and ensure the safety of your vessel and crew.

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