Crew Welfare

At Martek Marine, everything we do is guided by our 3 pillars of Ship safety, performance, and crew welfare.

Your ship couldn’t function without the hard work your crew put in every day they are on board your vessel. With this in mind, we take the marine welfare of your crew just as seriously as you do. It’s no accident we’ve been disrupting industry standards with thoughtful design and innovative technology that put marine welfare front and centre.

Outstanding marine welfare for outstanding crew

With proper standards in place for your crew, they’ll no doubt work hard for you. Everyone knows you can only get the best from your staff when you give the best. We also know, this ensures that you can attract great staff and keep them.

Well, Martek Marine only delivers products that meet the highest of standards for crew welfare. We can help you can cover your crew’s safety and marine welfare from every angle. From our Water testing kits that ensure your crew has clean safe drinking water to maintain optimal health, to our personal Locator beacons that ensure the safety of every single crew member in any eventually. With this knowledge in mind, you’ll keep the great staff that performs at their best.

Keeping business thriving

Providing world-class safety and marine welfare for your crew isn’t optional. It’s your legal responsibility. With complex legislation covering all aspects of crew welfare, knowing what you need and where to get it is a mighty task.

Marine welfare products by Mertek Marine are designed with the law in mind and make meeting legislation simple and straightforward. We make sure you are completely compliant, so you can operate legally within the maritime industry. There’s no need to worry about ship detention or heavy fines when you let Martek Marine take care of all your marine welfare and crew safety needs.

Everything you need from one company

There’s more to crew welfare than you might think, but don’t worry, we’ve done the thinking for you. We know what products and standards you need to meet, and we’ve made it our business to make getting it easy.

No need to shop around from company to company; we’ve got it covered.

  • potable water safety kits
  • Onboard alcohol testing
  • Personal locator beacons
  • Portable and fixed gas detection
  • Marine defibrillators

We’ve made it our mission here at Martek to be the industry leaders in ship safety, performance, and crew welfare, and that’s just what we’ve done. No other company takes the welfare of your crew as seriously as we do, so why would you choose anyone else?

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