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Published on 28/12/2022

Portable Gas Detection: A Comparative Guide

With so many different components and characteristics to consider and many models on the market, selecting the best portable gas detector suited to your needs can be overwhelming. The dangers of gases are complex and numerous – so making the right choice is crucial.  

Martek Marine offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to suit various requirements, environments and specifications. In this guide, we share our complete collection of portable gas detectors, highlighting their key benefits and features to help bring the right device for your requirements into sharper focus. 

Triple C

The Triple C is a robust IP68-rated, MED-approved portable gas detector powered by advanced LEL infrared technology for calibration-free protection against several of the most common gases found in a marine setting.

Best suited for: Inert and Zone 0 environments and those requiring a maintenance-free option with tough dirt-, dust- and waterproof protection. 

Triple C represents a world first in gas detection – always ready, it provides three years of battery life with no need for charging or battery replacement. There’s no calibration needed, either – although, as Triple C is entirely customisable, an optional calibration station can cater to more advanced or unique requirements. 

Featuring cutting-edge LEL infrared sensor technology, Triple C is reliable and responsive even in the most challenging environments. It can even be submerged 1.5m underwater or exposed to the finest dust and remain fully operational – the perfect companion for regularly working in harsh conditions. 

Marine 4

Highly accurate IP67-rated detector with one-button operation for simultaneous 4-gas protection, featuring fail-safe sensor technology. 

Best suited for: Crews working with multiple hazardous gases requiring extra flexibility for pre-entry into deep tank holds and void spaces.

As one of the toughest yet most sophisticated models on the market, Marine 4 offers a variety of features and benefits that make it the perfect companion when working at sea. Capable of detecting and displaying up to 4 gases simultaneously, Marine 4 was also developed with simplicity of use and easy maintenance in mind. Equipped with long battery life, highly sensitive sensor technology and 6-month data logging capacity, the Marine 4 is designed to protect seamlessly while saving time and money. Marine 4 is also MED-approved – so it’s ready for deployment even when faced with the toughest and most challenging requirements at sea. Marine 4’s versatile functionality is ideal for various applications and industries despite this. 

Marine 5

IP65-rated, MED-approved protection with flexible configuration and 15 plug-and-play sensor options. 

Best suited for: Those needing versatile, customisable protection and multiple gas detection, especially in confined spaces and noisy environments. 

Marine 5 represents another Martek breakthrough in gas detection technology – featuring unrivalled protection against the standard four gases (H2, O2, CO and CO2) with an added bespoke gas option which can be tailored to suit your needs. Its advanced capabilities allow you to test up to five gases even in Zone 1 – fitted with toxic, catalytic and infrared sensors alongside photo ionisation detectors. For loud and noisy working environments, Marine 5 offers additional benefits, with a piercing and distinctive 95-decibel audible alarm and high visibility, large area visual alarm. On top of its robust construction and reliability, Marine 5 also helped to reduce operating costs through low maintenance requirements and maximise battery life. 

Single gas clip

Lightweight, reliable and easy-to-use protection against single gas.

Best suited for: Those working in harsh conditions needing complete protection and simple operation. 

Our Single Gas Clip offers unmatched sensor reliability for H2S, 02 and 02 – simple to use and yet packed with added features to ensure complete peace of mind and protection. Programmable to the individual, it is durable and lightweight with one-button operation and low maintenance requirements. This model also features an easy bump check and simple one-button operation for seamless, stress-free support whilst at work. 

Why Martek Marine? 

At Martek Marine, we’ve remained at the forefront of innovation and manufacturing within the ship safety and performance industry for over 30 years. With crew welfare, cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency at the heart of everything we do, we’re dedicated to providing solutions that offer complete peace of mind and simplify sourcing safety solutions and ensuring compliance. As marine specialists trusted worldwide, you can count on us to provide durable and reliable solutions for all applications at sea, each independently vetted, extensively tested and covered by industry-leading warranties. 

For tailored advice and support with selecting a portable gas detection solution suited to your needs, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team today: 01709 599 222.