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Sewage Effluent

With our focus on sustainable solutions for ship safety, performance, and crew welfare we know our testing kit will meet your highest standards. This will ensure you keep your vessel up to date, compliant, and always on the move, without the risk of vessel detection.

Sewage Effluency

We know you’re looking to keep your ship in the best condition possible, including how you handle your vessel’s sewage waste. Keeping your ship’s sewage treatment system in tip-top shape might not be the most exciting part of maintaining your ship. Still, the environmental impact and legislative consequences of not being compliant mean your ship’s sewage waste facilities just can’t be ignored.

Don’t let your ship’s sewage effluent management, made simple by us, be the thing that holds you back. Stay compliant and keep on shipping.

Sewage Effluent FAQs

Below are our customers’ most common questions about sewage effluent. If you need to know more, please contact our friendly team.

What is the legislation for sewage effluency?

Legislation has existed for over 100 years to protect our oceans from environmentally damaging practices such as releasing untreated sewage into the sea. This legislation has recently been updated.

Staying compliant with legislation through the use of MARPOL ANNEX IV, ensures that any sewage effluent is adequately treated and up to the required standards to avoid any harmful consequences to marine life and humans that raw sewage can have.

What the benefits to managing sewage effluency?

You’ll likely lose your profits if you’re not using our sewage effluent kit. Martek can help you tick every sewage treatment compliance box to keep your ships moving and on time.

The consequence of not complying with sewage effluent standards and legislation can lead to vessel detention until the sewage treatment system is fixed and brought within acceptable chemical ranges. Sewage-related issues were the leading cause of ship detention in Singapore in 2019 – so noncompliance isn’t a risk worth taking.

If this happens, it ultimately leads to your company running at a less profitable margin for something that could have easily been kept compliant and up to date with our sewage effluent test kit.

What impact on the environment does sewage effluency have?

Sewage effluence from ships can have significant environmental impacts if not properly treated and managed. Here are some of the biological impacts associated with the release of untreated or poorly treated sewage effluent;

Water Pollution: Sewage effluent contains various pollutants, including nutrients, pathogens, suspended solids, and chemicals. When released into the water, these pollutants can contaminate the marine environment, leading to water pollution. This pollution can make the water unsightly, with visible debris and floating waste, negatively impacting the aesthetics of coastal areas.

Eutrophication: Untreated sewage effluent contains high nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. When released into water bodies, these nutrients can cause eutrophication, which is the excessive growth of algae and aquatic plants. The overgrowth of algae can deplete oxygen levels in the water, leading to hypoxic or anoxic conditions. This oxygen depletion can harm or suffocate marine life, disrupting coastal ecosystems and negatively impacting the area’s biodiversity.

Contamination of Seafood: When sewage effluent containing pathogens and chemicals enters the marine environment, it can contaminate seafood, such as fish, shellfish, and other edible marine organisms. Consuming contaminated seafood can pose human health hazards, causing diseases and illnesses.

To mitigate these environmental impacts and comply with environmental legislation, ships must have effective sewage treatment systems. By treating sewage properly, ships can remove or reduce harmful pollutants from the effluent before it is discharged into the sea. Comprehensive sewage testing kits, like the one mentioned (sewage effluent kit max), can help ensure that ships comply with environmental standards and that their sewage treatment systems function optimally. By implementing proper sewage treatment practices, ships can minimise their environmental impact, maintain the beauty and health of oceans and shorelines, and contribute to sustainable and ethical operations.


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