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About Martek Marine

Our Story

Keeping your vessels compliant is a mission, and that’s not enough anymore. Your crew members must trust you before they can set sail with confidence. The environmental impact of your choices is far more visible than ever before, so there’s no excuse for settling for mediocrity here – you want the utmost quality and total transparency on what you’re buying and its impact on the world, which is why you need Martek Marine.

We’re well into our third decade of disrupting, innovating and pioneering the maritime industry. It’s time to see what you’re missing and use sustainable solutions from Martek Marine to revolutionise your ship’s safety, efficiency, and crew wellbeing.

Why Martek Marine?

Like any other successful business, Martek Marine was the result of what, in 2000, seemed to be a poor concept, but with a mixture of effort, sweat, and tears and a strong dedication; it has grown into a sustainable, and profitable business that has generated over £100 million in sales.

What were once ‘terrible’ ideas have today created a global company that has supplied over 30,000 shipsets of equipment to the world’s major ship operators in more than 80 countries.

Where we are now

Today, we employ more than 60 highly valued staff, across our offices in the UK and Singapore, and have a full suite of products to our name that tackle a wide variety of your crew welfare concerns. Over the past 3 decades, we have been awarded a range of awards and certifications, including:

  • Investors in People (Gold)
  • Accreditations from the Institute of Customer Service.
  • ISO (International Standards Organisation) 9001 certification
  • Two Queen’s Awards. 

We are particularly proud of our Queen’s awards because:

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise is an awards programme for British businesses and other organisations that excel at international trade, innovation, sustainable development or promoting opportunity. They are the highest official UK awards for British businesses.

In addition to the awards we have won, the IMO (International Maritime Organization) also consulted us during the drafting of IMO Regulation XI-1/7.

All of this makes us think that those original ideas weren’t so bad after all.

Martek Marine Company Overview

Maintaining the safety of your fleet, your cargo, and your crew at all times are at the core of what you do, and we are committed to pioneering sustainable and innovative solutions for ship safety, performance and crew welfare – a perfect match! We provide a range of tried-and-true goods supported by industry leaders to help you achieve your objectives.

We want all of our customers to set sail with confidence, knowing that they have done their due diligence: whether it is having the right gas detection systems for their vessel, installing AEDs onboard, ensuring their hatch covers are watertight or prioritising their crew’s health with safe drinking water on board.  

Choosing the right product for your crew’s safety can be difficult, but our gas detectors, whether portable or fixed, are designed to provide protection in the simplest way possible, and if calibration is required, our team of experts is ready to take on all of your administration concerns and ship calibration gas directly to your vessel.

To avoid water damage, your cargo must also be adequately covered. Our hatch cover testing device guarantees that you maintain a trustworthy relationship with businesses that entrust you with their bulk items.

If you want to ensure that your crew is always safe, you must have water testing kits on board your vessel to prevent any waterborne diseases or bacteria from spreading among your crew members.

In 2019 , after being acquired by the James Fisher Group, Martek Marine integrated its existing services with an extensive range of marine services for high-integrity industries worldwide. James Fisher and Sons plc is a leading provider of specialised services to the worldwide marine, oil and gas, and other high assurance industries.

We’ve built our business on standing out and getting noticed – for all the right reasons… Our Triple-C is the world’s first and only MED Approved (MED 0575) portable gas detector designed with three years of battery life, up to 90 seconds of alarm each day, and no maintenance or spare replacement needed.

We’re always moving forward, but our solid approach to everything we do makes us trustworthy.

Work with us

We’ve had our mettle well and truly tested. That initial thread of passion and commitment that led our founders to act on what they believed in still stands at the core of who we are. Speak to any of our staff, and you’ll find real people who are well and truly part of the Martek Marine ecosystem

We attract the best talent with regular feedback that they love what they’re doing. We know you can’t keep a buoyed employee down – they want to innovate and improve products, they can’t help but contribute.

We have big, ambitious plans to hit by the end of 2025, and if you get on board with us, your achievements will help us get there – it will be one huge celebration when we get there!

Here are five reasons why you should work with us:

  1. Although successful and delivering globally, we are still a relatively small team which makes the company agile and open to change in the market
  2.  We like to push boundaries and try new things. We encourage free thinking, and no idea is a bad one.
  3. Every day will be an opportunity to make a significant difference to the business and to the customers we sell to.
  4. Our products are literal lifesavers, at the end of each day, you will feel a sense of reward that you have truly made an impact in someone’s life.
  5. Your personal development is important to us, and we will enable you to always strive for continual improvement

Martek Marine Sustainability Statement

We are dedicated to building a sustainable and profitable business while continuing to operate responsibly with honesty, integrity and fairness.