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Ship Performance

We know that ship performance is the utmost priority in the maritime industry. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to design and engineer products that push your ship’s performance to its limits. There’s nothing standard about what we deliver, and with the ‘best in world’ disruptive technologies provider, your ship performance will go above and beyond.

At Martek Marine, everything we do is guided by our 3 pillars of Ship safety, performance, and crew welfare.

Proper ship performance technology keeps your ship in excellent condition for longer, letting you get the most out of your vessel. Invest in your ship with Martek Marine’s industry-disrupting technology so your ship’s performance remains undisrupted.

Sewage Effluent

Managing your ship’s sewage treatment system with our eco-friendly solutions for wastewater management.

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Hatch Cover Testing

Save time and money by ensuring your ship is cargo-worthy with our range of hatch cover testing products.

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Water Ingress Detection

Our water ingress detection systems can help keep your ship by altering crew about the presence of water.

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Emissions Monitoring

By monitoring our emissions we can help reduce emssions, fuel usage and wastage, which helps protect the environment.

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Explore accurate and up-to-date ECDIS charts and publications for seamless navigation and maritime safety.

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Keep your ship’s performance legally compliant

Excellent ship performance is not just about how it can help you but also about fulfilling your legal obligations.

Subpar ship performance that leaves ships inefficient, unsafe, environmentally unfriendly, and prone to water damage isn’t an option. More and more legislation is coming to tackle such problems in the maritime industry with unwelcome consequences should they not be followed.

At Martek Marine, our groundbreaking technology keeps your ship’s performance up to scratch with all your legal obligations, so you know your ships are working as hard as they can while you operate entirely within the law.

Don’t let poor ship performance get in the way of being an industry leader in shipping. Let Martek Marine help your vessel surpass all expectations with technology that can’t be beaten.

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