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Marine Gas Detectors

Making sure your crew are safe at all times onboard your vessels are no mean feat, and once they are out at sea, their life is very literally in your hands. It’s easy to see legislation as a bind or compliance checks as an inconvenience, but at the heart of the reams and reams of regulations, is the safety of your crew.

It’s not a one-man job anymore to ensure all of the safety needs on a ship are covered, from calibration accuracy needing to be checked, to bump tests being logged, you need to know that the equipment you invest in is going to do its job. Our marine gas detectors and fixed systems are one area that you can’t cut corners.

Portable Gas Detectors

Mobile gas detection solutions designed to safeguard personnel against a wide range of hazardous gases.

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Fixed Gas Detectors

Market leading fixed marine gas monitoring for confined spaces.

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Gas Detection

Martek Marine is the disruptive industry leader in gas detection systems. We innovate constantly. This isn’t about the kudos; this is our passion for revolutionising ship safety, performance and crew welfare. We intimately understand what a day onboard ship entails and the dangers.

We reduce how many moving parts our products use to limit wear and tear. We add alarms that self-check equipment and alert you when attention is needed.

Those are just a few small examples of what world-class gas detection systems designed to make your life easier look like. You can trust them to keep you safe because we know exactly what they need to do when we create them.

Marine Gas Detectors

Gas Detection FAQ’s

Below are the most common questions we’re asked about the marine gas detection product range from our customers. If you need to know more, please get in touch with our friendly team.

Why is marine gas detection important?

Gas detection for vessels detects the presence of gases on ships. It can be used to detect gas leaks, measure gas levels, detect dangerous gases, and if specific spaces onboard your ship is safe to enter.

Not only is gas detection potentially lifesaving, but it will also save your vessel from costly fines and possible detention.

If you would like to learn more about any of our portable gas calibration equipment, we can help answer any queries or concerns.

What’s the difference between fixed and portable gas detectors?

Unlike fixed gas detectors which permanently monitor a designated area, portable gas detectors are mobile devices used by personnel to provide pre-entry gas level checks. This means they can test the area before entering it to assess the levels of gas in the air to ensure it is safe for human entry.

Do you sell spare sensors for your gas detectors?

Yes, our spares section has a full range of spare products and accessories for both our fixed gas detection products and our portable gas detection products.

How do I order?

You can register your interest in any of our products using the enquiry form on our product pages. Once you send us your details, we will be in touch to understand what your ship needs and talk you through placing an order.

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