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FastCalGas™ is your one-stop-shop for all of your gas needs. Our dedicated accounts team handle everything to ensure you get gas delivered straight to your vessel as and when you need it. We take away the stress of procuring calibration/span and quad gas, as well as work towards saving you more than 50% on your gas administration costs. We also GUARANTEE compatibility – if you’re not sure whether our calibration gas will work with your equipment, give us a call. We can provide conversion regulators – so you KNOW your calibration gas supply will be suitable when you use FastCalGas™.

  • 98% of FastCalGas™ orders are shipped within 24-hours
  • Rapid quote service – we aim to get a quote to you within 4 hours
  • Personal account service from experts in shipping hazardous goods
  • 27-month shelf life on reactive gases – longest in the industry
  • 24-month shelf life on Ammonia
  • 5-year shelf life on non-reactive gases
  • Faster and cheaper shipping thanks to a global network

Calibration Gas Supply

Risk Free Calibration Gas Supply

Gas missed your ship? Having to chase quotes? Being charged too much? Faced with an admin nightmare EVERY TIME you buy calibration gas?

You’re not alone! But buying gas doesn’t have to be complicated…

Ensuring you have the right calibration gas in the right place at the right time can be a time consuming and expensive task. There is another way. Stress-free delivery any time, anywhere.

Fast Shipping

98% of gas orders are shipped within just 24 hours. Can your existing supplier make this claim? Because we’ve been in the maritime industry for many years, we know how to ship gas quickly – it’s all thanks to our super lean order procession, married with an extensive, robust global supply chain.

Don’t believe we can ship so quickly? We’re that confident that you’ll be happy with the FastCalGas™ service that we offer a “Lifetime Happiness Guarantee”, making the process of changing gas supplier financially risk-free!

Longer Lasting

Our gas lasts longer – FACT! By using the best, high-quality materials, we’re able to boast a 27-month shelf life on our REACTIVE gases: the highest in the industry. Our quality is backed up by our ISO 9001:2015 certification. We’ve been supplying gas to the key OEMs in gas detection for over 13-years and we’re the trusted gas supplier of choice for the major oil and gas companies worldwide. Move your gas supply to us and you’ll be in good company!

We hold extensive gas stocks in key markets, enabling us to keep our prices low and supply fast. We’ll even hold gas stock on your behalf at any of our global gas hubs (Singapore, UK and USA).

Technical Customer Support

Let our dedicated accounts team handle the entire process from start to finish for the ultimate hassle-free experience. With all hazardous cargo paperwork taken care of, there is no complicated exchange of communications. Breaking from the norm, we’re the only calibration gas supplier offering this unique service.

We supply specialty/calibration/SPAN gases in a range of cylinder sizes. We can also arrange bespoke gas mixtures making us a true one-stop-shop for all your gas needs. All gas cylinders are fully recyclable. We even offer a recycling tool to render the cylinders ready for recycling.

FastCalGas 1-2-1

Do you want to slash your admin costs and save hundreds of hours in labour-intensive logistics?

Picture this – At the last minute, you receive word a vessel is short on calibration gas. You’re forced to use a local supplier. The gas you receive is of poor quality, has a short shelf life, and with the delivery, agent and launch boat fees – you’re paying over the odds on even single-bottle shipping.

Chances are you’ve experienced this before.

There’s a better way

The answer is FastCalGas 1-2-1.

Let our dedicated accounts team handle the entire process from start to finish for the ultimate hassle-free experience.

With all hazardous cargo paperwork taken care of, there is no complicated exchange of communications. Breaking from the norm, we’re the only calibration gas supplier offering this unique service.

All we need to know is what gas detection systems your vessels are using and we can calculate exactly how much gas you’ll need over the next 24 months, then send it directly to the vessel.

There’s no contract, no long-term commitment and no risk of running out.

FastCalGas™ Resources

FastCalGas™ FAQ’s

Please see below the most common questions we’re asked about the FastCalGas™ from our customers. If you need to know anymore, then please get in touch with our friendly team using the form below.

What should you be testing for?

Instrument configuration is based on the tank and vessel type. The three main considerations are usually:

  1. Monitor for sufficient oxygen
  2. Monitor for explosive gases
  3. Monitor for toxic gases

Oxygen and explosive gases are easily determined as necessary to monitor, but deciding which toxic gases to monitor depends on the tank and vessel type.

Where do you need to test?

  • Cargo Tanks – Cargo tanks can carry a wide variety of liquids depending on the vessels IMO classification.
  • Water Tanks – Entry into the vessels water tanks requires at least an O2 sensor.
  • Ballast Tanks – Ballast tanks can contain anything from seawater to rotten fish. They should be tested for LEL, O2 and H2S and Chlorine.
  • Fuel Tanks – Entry into the fuel tanks requires a gas monitor with at least LEL and O2 sensors.

Testing on different types of vessels

Container Vessels
These vessels require the standard LEL and O2 sensors to clean, repair and inspect the fuel and ballast tanks. There are fumigants (methyl bromide), coolants (ammonia) and many additional applications on board container vessels that require a monitor capable of monitoring both the basics (LEL, O2, and H2S) and a broad range of chemicals (PID).

Chemical Tankers
Chemical tankers are usually configured with O2, LEL, H2S, and PID with a pump. It is used for tank inspections and as a deck monitor during the loading and unloading of chemical products.

Bulk Cargo Carriers
Bulk cargo carriers will usually require O2, LEL and H2S, plus any additional tests specific to the cargo being carried.

Ferries (RoRo Vessels)
RoRo vessels and ferries use monitors configured with O2, LEL and CO with a pump. An additional area of concern is the importance of NO from diesel-driven vehicles.

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