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Hatchtite™ Cover Testing Device


Hatchtite™ is a lightweight, portable and robust instrument for accurate and reliable cargo hatch cover testing for water tightness on bulk carriers. We currently offer Hatchtite Economy and Hatchtite Premium. Hatchtite Premium includes 2 microphones, re-chargeable batteries and a leather case for both the receiver and transmitter.


  • Identify the exact location of cargo hatch leaks
  • Early detection reduces your cost
  • Single crew member operation
  • Test your hatches even when carrying cargo
  • IP rating: IP66

Hatch Cover Testing Device

By using Hatchtite™ to ensure your hatch covers are watertight, you can prevent cargo damage and also avoid failing inspection by the Insurance and Charterers’ surveyor. Unlike hose and chalk tests, Hatchtite™ allows you to identify the exact location of the leak – saving you time. Hatchtite™ indicates when you actually have the required compression to prevent water from getting into the hold space, meaning you can identify any leaks very early and thus reduce repair costs. The simplified testing procedure of Hatchtite™ removes the need for a crew member to be inside the cargo hold during the test, which means that the testing can be carried out by a single member of the crew.

Hatchtite™ uses a transmitter placed inside the cargo hold emitting ultrasound waves. With the hatch covers closed, a handheld telescopic microphone is used at the hatch cover interfaces.

Its unique design is able to offer better coverage of the hatch. This not only enhances the overall performance of the device but also increases its accuracy and effectiveness. Giving you the peace of mind that you have a reliable and efficient tool at your disposal.

The unit can even be used with partially or fully filled cargo holds, meaning testing can be carried out at any time without interrupting your ship’s operations. The system is fully compliant with IACS Unified Requirement U.R.Z17 and approved by insurers and P & I clubs.

Hatchtite™ Guides and Resources

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Hatchtite™ FAQ’s

Please see below the most common questions we’re asked about the Hatchtite™ from our customers. If you need to know anymore, then please get in touch with our friendly team using the form below.

What are the dimensions of the Hatchtite™?

The Hatchtite transmitter is 190mm x 100mm x 60mm and weighs 200g, and the receiver is 160mm x 95mm x 38mm and weighs 225g.

What’s the benefit of the Hatchtite™?

Over 40% of all P&I claims are due to damaged cargo caused by water ingress via the hatch covers. This represents $46.9m USD of damaged cargo every year. As a result, reports of leaking hatch covers are the most frequent case for selecting a vessel for an unscheduled condition survey. The Hatchtite™ allows you to test the tightness of the hatch cover more regular to minimise this damage.

Do you offer carry cases?

Yes, the Hatchtite™ comes with a carry case for both the transmitter and receiver.

Why Use Hatchtite™ For Your Hatch Tests?

This method of testing saves valuable time in both execution and scheduling as it can be conducted around other operations going on.

Within minutes you have a reliable result which in real terms is the difference between maintaining compliance and meeting tight turnarounds and being ground to a halt for unscheduled condition surveys.

Hatchtite™ devices take all of this into account…

Rated as IP66 and measured in dBs to meet P&I clubs and DNV regulations, designed to be cheap to maintain and operate with a run time of 40 hours instead of 10, it only needs calibrating after 5 years, can even be lowered into the hold regardless of whether the ship is empty or loaded so no disruption to operations.

If you’d like more information on using one of the most trusted and cost-effective ways of keeping your cargo free from water damage, get in touch here.

What Are The Pre-Survey Checks?

Every time a Hatchtite™ check is conducted, you’ll need to verify that the unit is working within the limits of calibration set by the manufacturer. The Emitter, Microphone and Extension Arm (E.M.EA) Tester are used to confirm compliance so each of these will need checking.

Emitter test – ensure the batteries are new or fully charged and turn the transmitter unit on. It should be emitting a continuous tone.
The E.M.EA Tester – hold this over each emitter in turn. If the emitters are fully functional the green LED will be lit on the tester.
The Microphone – plug the E.M.EA Tester into the microphone using the emergency microphone lead and hold the microphone over any one of the emitters on the transmitter unit. If the microphone is fully functional, the green LED will light on the tester. Repeat for both microphones.

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