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On-board these vessels there is a vast amount of critical safety systems which all help to keep crew and cargo safe. What’s the next step in ensuring your equipment isn’t going to let you down?

The maritime industry can be extremely dangerous, there is the risk of piracy, exposure to natures harshest environments, cargo which can release toxic gases and chemicals or simply explode if not correctly stored and managed. As a result the industry is governed by the strict control of compulsory legislation which ensures that all of the people working in the industry are safe and not exposed to unnecessary risk.

Every element of these systems are designed to provide explosion protection with intrinsic safety protection and to ensure the crew and cargo are always safe they need regular maintenance and services annually. There is a range of risks in the market which compromise the safety of these systems and we will discuss these in detail.

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This ebook provides you with the best information on servicing safety critical systems.

  • Why you need regular services from approved technicians – You receive a whole range of additional benefits when you choose to get your systems serviced by approved engineers
  • Fake parts are voiding type approvals and not meeting legislation – Cheap, pirate parts are flooding the spares market and pose a potentially catastrophic risk to vessels, their crew and cargo
  • The do’s and the don’ts for your critical safety systems – A summary of all of the basic things you should and shouldn’t do to extend the lifespan of your systems.


Bonus: Benefits of Martek Marine’s fixed cost services
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One of the rising issues in the market is the high volumes of fake and pirate parts which are flooding the market. Whilst these parts are much cheaper they need to be extensively tested to ensure they can operate safely in potentially flammable cargo hold atmospheres.

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