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Remote Servicing

Avoid infection catastrophe, reduce costs and remain compliant

The global pandemic poses a major threat to shipping with vessels most at risk of infection whilst in port with visitors onboarding.

With its long incubation period of 3 to 5 days, do you really know if somebody is boarding your vessel carrying the COVID-19 virus? It’s impossible to tell, but what you do know is that your critical safety systems still need to operate safely. They’ll continue to need calibration and maintenance from an expert eye.

Are you allowing these systems to continue to be unchecked, due to restrictions in port? This will put the lives of your crew and the safety of your vessel in danger. A large fine or vessel detention is the least of your worries with those two factors in mind.

An in-date manufacturer calibration certificate means more than just a happy surveyor, it’s reassurance that your system is running optimally and safely. You can remain compliant in these challenging times by booking a Martek Marine approved remote service.

Risk-free compliant critical safety systems

You no longer need to worry about port locations and schedules. With 24/7 access to an expert Service Engineer and lead times from just 1 day, it’s never been easier to arrange the servicing of your Martek fixed systems.

At sea, port or anchorage, with the remote servicing option, you can choose a time that works best for you and your vessel.

With the Martek Marine Remote Servicing, you can ensure optimal operations with reduced costs without sacrificing expertise.

Vessels opting for a remote service benefit from:

  • Pre-service questionnaire for detailed analysis
  • Service Engineer toolkit – ensuring every tool for the task
  • Expert guides developed by Martek Marine Engineers
  • Remote support via video/images
  • Access to experts talking your competent person through every step
  • Critical spares supplied – only pay for those you use
  • Manufacturers Calibration Certificate and signed timesheets upon completion

Avoiding a Martek Marine service is leaving you wide open to voiding your Type Approval and system warranty. The risk is too big to let this happen.

Don’t let your calibration certificate lapse in this pandemic

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