A-B-C™ “Always Be Calibrated” Solution


The Always Be Calibrated A-B-C system will ensure your vessel has full control over its gas detection equipment, including maintenance and calibration, giving you the autonomy you need. The self-certification bump test station also has a unique feature that allows you to diagnose any faults with the detector.


With the Always Be Calibrated A-B-C system, you never waste a droplet of calibration gas again! Our self-calibration, self-certification bump test station only uses the gas required to calibrate your gas detectors.


  • Bump tests detectors in thirty seconds – quick and simple calibration
  • Automatic calibration after any failed test or when calibration is due
  • Produces a tamper-proof calibration certificate acceptable to Class, Port State Control and Oil Majors
  • Uses only a minimum amount of gas necessary – saves money on wasted calibration gas from manual testing
  • One solution – complete supply of the equipment and gas through one point of contact