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Under MLC 2006 guidelines, all vessels must complete regular water tests. Surely you are testing your water supply for Legionella, Escherichia Coli, and other waterborne diseases? Are you still risking your crew’s health?

The Importance of Potable Water Testing

Under MLC 2006, you have a duty to conduct and document water testing on all consumable water supplies, whether it be for drinking, cooking or even cleaning. Water quality testing is vital to keeping your crew’s health and ability in check. Early identification can prevent waterborne diseases from spreading and thus prevent illness to your crew and passengers.

By not testing your water, you run the risk of creating an established route for infectious disease transmission on and around ships. So, you know the importance of testing your water, but how in-depth do you need to test it?

Depending on where you are in the world, water testing standards will vary from country to country. Each flag state lays down minimum requirements to ensure that all potable water is of appropriate quality, including water used for cleaning and cooking. To ensure you meet the minimum requirements, our water testing kits have been specifically designed to guarantee the full compliance of MLC 2006.

Why Buy DrinkSafe™?

As staff on your vessel could be very reliant on consumable water supplies, you should naturally work to ensure that those supplies adhere to a high level of non-toxicity. You can do this through regular use of a water testing solution

DrinkSafe™ is an easy to use, accurate potable water testing kit designed to last 18 MONTHS and meet all compliance requirements, including GUARANTEED compliance with MLC 2006 on-board testing. Being the easiest to use and most cost-effective kit on the market, there’s good reason that the world’s largest shipping companies trust DrinkSafe™ to take care of the well-being of their crew and passengers.

The Benefits of DrinkSafe™

GUARANTEED COMPLIANCE – Guaranteed to meet MLC 2006. For full compliance of all charters’ requirements, you can also upgrade to DrinkSafe MAX™.

MORE FOR YOUR MONEY – We supply more tests as standard than any other kit – offering the lowest average cost per test guaranteed.

LONG-LASTING – Don’t settle for kits with a 3-month shelf-life. Our comprehensive kits are designed to last 18-months.

SAFE & EASY – The simplest equipment on the market that anybody can use. Guaranteed or your money back! There are no glass ampoules (which means no breakages), no instruments for calibration, no messy Thio-Bags, and finally no need for sample dilution pots.

AFFORDABLE SPARES – Incredibly economical – just replace the parts you’ve used. There’s no need to buy a new kit every time.

What Our Customers Say

“We chose the DrinkSafe™ Max because it provided us with Martek’s guaranteed compliance with all flag state requirements and it gave the crew the benefit of the simplest and easiest test procedures on board. Furthermore, the on-board training procedure provides a test certificate which acknowledges that the crew has undergone the training and test that they are competent to use it. We were advised that each component of the kit took into account the following rules and bodies to full satisfaction: MLC 2006; ILO; WHO; IACS Member Societies.”

Chris Goldsworthy, Bernard Schulte Shipmanagement

“We chose DrinkSafe™ because it contained enough tests to daily water testing at multiple outlets as per WHO + ILO guidelines offering the lowest cost per test of all kits. DrinkSafe™ was also easy to understand and the kit looks simplest and quickest to use.”

Ricardo Sclafani, V Ships

“The DrinkSafe™ potable water testing from Martek Marine was selected because it was the simplest procedure for carrying out tests onboard and in addition the cost per test was also the most economic on the market. Furthermore, the kit completely adheres to the MLC 2006 directive and is in line with the WHO recommendations for tests types and frequencies.”

Michael Powell, Graig Shipping PLC

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