Whether you're looking for portable personal, portable group, or fixed gas detection systems, we can help. Our range of gas detectors, calibration stations, and gas tubes all enable you to swiftly comply with your type legislation - and instantly improve the safety of your crew and fleet.

You know you need to comply with legislation for your type class when it comes to gas detection equipment - but how do you ensure ALL of your devices are suitable for your needs?

Martek Marine provide only MED approved equipment to make sure you're meeting at least the minimum regulations - and usually much, much more.

We also provide different equipment to suit your needs, allowing you to have a flexible approach to your gas detection needs. From the Marine 4 which meets IMO / SOLAS XI-I7 regulations for testing flammable gases, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide, and carbon monoxide, to our unique Marine Tankscape, an IR confined space gas monitor - we've got it covered.

If you only need (or wish) to meet the very minimum of your type class legislation, or have a requirement to test for a specific gas which is not covered by standard equipment, we have a range of gas tubes available. These one-use tubes are ideal for back-up testing too, in case of equipment failure and suspected gas build-up.

Don't forget that you can also make sure all of your calibration gas needs are covered with our FastCalGas service. For vessels with high level legislative requirements, on-board calibration will improve your operational efficiency and slash costs - which is why we offer the A-B-C Always Be Calibrated system, inclusive of the Marine 4, a self-calibration self-certification station, and options for a FastCalGas package.

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