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Shipping companies have a duty of care to their employees to provide a safe work environment and an obligation to ensure that crew are safe and can carry out their tasks safely. Are you unsure of your obligations in relation to offshore gas detection?

Quick & Easy Gas Detection Compliance Guide

Early warning is key when it comes to the prevention of accidents involving gas and this is best achieved through the use of gas detectors in hazardous areas.

It is not enough to simply provide testing equipment as part of the personal protective safety equipment for your crew members. In order to comply with the regulations, adequate testing instruments should be supplied which form part of the ship’s equipment. The testing instruments must be maintained accordingly & calibration is a requirement, as prescribed by gas detector manufacturers’ instructions.

This guide outlines the relevant regulations surrounding gas detection at sea and gives you all the advice you need to easily and cost-effectively ensure compliance.

  • Gas detection on seafaring vessels: applicable regulations
  • Ensuring compliance with gas detection regulations
  • Traditional methods of gas detector calibration
  • The SIMPLEST approach to gas detection compliance
  • HUGE cost savings to be made through eliminated waste
  • Why buy the A-B-C system?

Bonus: How to carry out calibration test

According to the latest statistics from the Health and Safety Executive, a third of all dangerous occurrences occurring offshore relate to gas. Incidents relating to gas are a major offshore hazard due to the catastrophic consequences that tend to result.

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