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Published on 17/06/2017

Private: Successful aviation is all about people


Rotherham, UK 3rd July 2017

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our band of aviation experts, Ben Daniel BA(Hons) PGCL MCGI. Ben joins us in late August 2017 as Chief Pilot following a distinguished career in the Royal Navy as a maritime ‘junglie’ helicopter pilot spanning a vast array of aviation arenas: embarked, arctic, desert, jungle, support helicopters, ISTAR, etc. He has been active in unmanned aviation for several years as both a Safety Risk Manager and operational Remote Pilot.

With a host of leadership and management qualifications to underpin many years of applied experience around the globe, Ben has a keen and well-recognised sense for enhancing aviation operations through optimising efficiency, process effectiveness and human performance to achieve maximum safe output.

‘Successful aviation is all about people’, Ben told us. ‘Martek has some of the best I have ever worked with and I am really excited about this opportunity to make such a huge impact on the global future of aviation. Martek seems to have the perfect balance of focus between people and results, meaning that the job will not just ‘get done’, it will consistently be achieved above and beyond expectations and to the highest safety standards.’

Ben’s passion is fine-tuning human performance and he believes this is one of the many major differentiators Martek can wield to achieve supremacy in its chosen field. Martek is a well-renowned Investor in People and it’s success is based on the continued growth and development of its team.

This is truly a team which is moving from strength to strength!

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