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Published on 25/06/2021

Martek Marine Proudly Supports Kayak 4 Heroes

Today we are bringing you the story of a team who have a passion for kayaking. Through that, they are embarking on a journey to support men and women that fought bravely for the Nation, the heroes of our country. Martek Marine is pleased to say it’s contributing, in its small way, to achieve a very honourable mission.

Kayak 4 Heroes is a group of five men who want to set a world record by being the first ‘adaptive team’ (made up of people with injuries or impairments) to accomplish the legendary British task of kayaking from Land’s End to John O’ Groats – a 1,400-kilometer voyage in only 35 days. In order to succeed, the group will endeavour together and overcome what may seem like a limitation, but it’s instead the fuel to complete this incredible task till the end. During this adventure, Kayak 4 Heroes aims to raise over £100,000 for the Armed Forces Para-Snowsport Team (AFPST) charity.

Armed Forces Para-Snowsport Team (AFPST) charity is an independent charity; its mission is to serve the heroes that once stood up for the country. AFPST assists wounded, injured, sick military personnel and veterans in their recovery, not only in their physical rehabilitation but also in restoring a sense of belonging and purpose and regain confidence through para-snowsports’ power.

It’s well known to everyone that Martek Marine is passionate about the sea, and safety on waters is one of our priorities; however, Martek’s relationship with Kayak 4 Heroes is not only to fulfil our philanthropic duty towards the community. Martek Marine is proud to have as an essential part of the team a former member of the marine forces who served the country. That is why it’s at the forefront of our minds to give back to brave men like our valuable employee.

The men from Kayak 4 Heroes’ journey is honourable and will aid in assisting military personnel that unfortunately are not receiving the support they rightfully deserve. Nonetheless, the value in this action, we have to say that it’s a dangerous voyage, and Martek Marine wants to ensure the goal of the mission trip is reached without any incidents. For this reason, Martek has donated to the team: life jackets, defibrillators, personal locator beacons. The equipment will ensure the team is safe and ready to intervene in any unforeseen event.

In July 2021, the team will begin their journey and beat the current record of completing this trip in 35 days.

Kayak 4 Heroes has raised £29,000 out of the £100,000 target. You can donate or become a sponsor today and be part of the group of people that has helped restore the physical and mental health of injured military personnel or veterans.

Click the link to donate https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kayak4heroes and follow them on all their social media platforms to be updated with their story.

Support Kayak 4 Heroes and be the reason why our country heroes will proudly gain back their confidence and purpose.