We're revolutionising the way visual wind turbine inspections are carried out using specialised UAS drone technology. Gone are the days of risking staff safety or using inefficient inspection techniques that don't deliver complete blade coverage and data

We're committed to delivering minimum blade downtime  to maximise your production. It's all been made possible by the development of custom UAS technology and data collection methods, proven on over 4,200 blades across a variety of turbine type and size around the world. 

Our unique service, endorsed and used by one of the world’s leading turbine OEMs is a much safer and more efficient technique and allows us to inspect a minimum of 10 turbines a day. 

As a customer of ours, you will benefit from consistent and repeatable inspections enabling you to build up an accurate inspection record and reliable data to predict future maintenance. 

Read the guidance notes on using unmanned aerial vehicles

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