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  • Identify the exact location of cargo hatch leaks
  • Early detection reduces your cost
  • Single crew member operation
  • Test your hatches even when carrying cargo
  • ABS Type Approval

Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Testing Device

Hatchtite™ is a lightweight, portable and robust instrument for accurate and reliable cargo hatch cover testing for water tightness on bulk carriers. We currently offer Hatchtite Economy and Hatchtite Premium. Hatchtite Premium includes 2 microphones, re-chargeable batteries and a leather case for both the receiver and transmitter.

By using Hatchtite™ to ensure your hatch covers are watertight, you can prevent cargo damage and also avoid failing inspection by the Insurance and Charterers’ surveyor. Unlike hose and chalk tests, Hatchtite™ allows you to identify the exact location of the leak – saving you time. Hatchtite™ indicates when you actually have the required compression to prevent water from getting into the hold space, meaning you can identify any leaks very early and thus reduce repair costs. The simplified testing procedure of Hatchtite™ removes the need for a crew member to be inside the cargo hold during the test, which means that the testing can be carried out by a single member of the crew.

Hatchtite™ uses a transmitter placed inside the cargo hold emitting ultrasound waves. With the hatch covers closed, a handheld telescopic microphone is used at the hatch cover interfaces. The unit can even be used with partially or fully filled cargo holds, meaning testing can be carried out at any time without interrupting your ship’s operations. The system is Type Approved by ABS, fully compliant with IACS Unified Requirement U.R.Z17 and approved by insurers and P & I clubs.

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Hatch Cover Maintenance and Testing Whitepaper

This document sets out the common issues that can occur with hatch covers – particularly regarding leakage which accounts for the most amount of P&I club insurance claims.

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Hatchtite Datasheet


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