Evolution EMS™ Air Quality - Emissions Monitoring System

Evolution EMS™

  • All-in-one, fully compliant solution with global service and support network
  • Unique 11-layer gas filter probe with ‘blow-back’ arrangement. It delivers maximum filtration performance and extended maintenance interval with no consumable costs
  • Unique 4-stage system filtration – filters the full range of particle sizes to guarantee long-term trouble-free analyser performance
  • Long-term proven NDIR Siemens analyser technology – guaranteed accuracy, performance and reliability in the hostile marine environment
  • Fail-safe protection fo sample handing system – you’ll be aware that this is where most makers’ problems occure

Emissions Monitoring System – Evolution EMS™

Over 20 years ago, our original emissions monitoring product was designed, developed and manufactured by our in-house team of experts. Over the years, this hasn’t changed with projects still being carried out by the Martek team, but customer expectations and requirements have – with each new sale.

We understand that no customer is the same. Each have their own needs and wants on specific designs. Being accustomed to building multiple systems in our own production facilities means our designs can be flexible to keep up with an ever-evolving industry.

The impact of air pollution from ships is under constant scrutiny from the world’s media and the introduction of the Sulphur 2020 legislation is putting pressure on the industry.

Evolution EMS™ is the world’s first NOx, SOx and CO2 emissions monitoring system, providing a raft of operational advantages for ship owners, managers and operators. The system has been designed to be ‘future-proof’ against upcoming regulations, allowing simple ‘plug and play’ analyser inputs and ensuring no additional ship emissions reporting system will ever need to be purchased.

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“Experience is Everything”

  • 120 marine CEMS systems installed – more than all other suppliers combined!
  • 7 million engine hours experienced across 600 marine engines
  • Different engines, ship types, and fuels
  • Pioneers – the original system was developed in 1995, meaning 20 years marine EMS design experience
  • Marine expertise supplied 15,000 shipsets
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Evolution EMS: The world's leading marine engine EMS

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