Sewage Effluent

We know you’re looking to keep your ship in the best condition possible, including how you handle your vessel’s sewage waste. Keeping your ship’s sewage treatment system in tip-top shape might not be the most exciting part of maintaining your ship, but the environmental impact and legislative consequences of not being compliant mean your ship’s sewage waste facilities just can’t be ignored.

With our focus on sustainable solutions for ship safety, performance, and crew welfare we know our testing kit will meet your highest standards. This will ensure you keep your vessel up to date, compliant, and always on the move, without the risk of vessel detection.

Know the Law!

Legislation has been in place for over 100 years to keep our oceans protected from environmentally damaging practices such as releasing untreated sewage into the sea. This legislation has recently been updated.

Staying compliant with legislation through the use of MARPOL ANNEX IV, ensures that any sewage effluent is adequately treated and up to the required standards to avoid any of the harmful consequences to marine life and humans that raw sewage can have.

Use it or lose it!

They say if you don’t use it you’re likely to lose it. Well if you’re not using our sewage effluent kit max, then you’re likely to lose your profits. Martex can help you tick every sewage treatment compliance box there is to keep your ships moving and on time.

The consequence of not complying with sewage effluent standards and legislation can lead to vessel detention until the sewage treatment system is fixed and brought within chemical ranges that are acceptable. Sewage-related issues were the leading cause of ship detention in Singapore in 2019 – so noncompliance isn’t a risk worth taking.

If this happens, it ultimately leads to your company running at a less profitable margin for something that, with our sewage effluent test kit max, could have easily been kept compliant and up to date.

Sustainably Minded Vessels.

We know you want to run your vessels in the most ethical way possible and want to comply with environmental legislation to protect our oceans.

You want you to keep our oceans and shorelines looking beautiful and thriving so that your business can thrive too.

Not complying with environmental policies for your vessels sewage treatment can lead to your ships directly impacting the environment negatively, leading to:

  • Polluted coasts that look unsightly
  • Coastal ecosystem destruction and suffocation of marine life due to the oxygen demand of breaking down raw sewage
  • Health hazards for bathing and people consuming contaminated seafood

By using the most comprehensive sewage testing kit on the market, our sewage effluent kit max, you can avoid all of these problems and know that you are running ships that support the environment.

Don’t get caught out, use Martek sewage effluent kit instead!

Our priority is you so that you can stay legally compliant and running your ships as efficiently as possible. We make abiding by environmental legislation easy with our sewage effluent testing kit.

It allows you to test for ALL required contaminants and measures based on recommendations by the Department of the Environment and the Water Research Centre. No other testing kit on the market does this so easily and efficiently.

There’s no excuse for getting caught with below-standard waste when our sewage effluent kit max is available to you.

What our kit offers:

Our kit is the most extensive test kit on the market offering you everything you need to carry out your tests from start to finish. No shortfalls on equipment, just a guarantee that you can complete your tests to meet all commercial rules and legislations following the MLC 2006 & MARPOL ANNEX IV onboard water testing legislation.

Once you have purchased one of our test kits, there’s no need to buy the whole thing again. We offer a spares service, so only need to replace what you have used, making our sewage effluent testing kits the most economical you will find.

Don’t let your ship’s sewage effluent management, made simple by us, be the thing that holds you back. Stay compliant and keep on shipping.

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