Hatch Cover Testing

To be an industry leader in carrying cargo, you need to make sure your ships are cargo-worthy. Businesses are trusting you to get their bulk goods from one place to another in tip-top shape and the only way to do this is to make sure your ship’s performance is top-notch.

Martek Marine delivers world-class Marine technology underpinned by our three core pillars of ship safety, performance, and crew welfare. We want to make sure your ships perform how they should and that you deliver what you promise. We provide ultrasound hatch testing that ensures you keep cargo in the same state on delivery as it was when it was loaded.

Building trust

All successful businesses depend on the trust of their customers and this is no different within the shipping industry. Your customers want to know that when their cargo is delivered it will be in good condition. But this is an industry-wide problem with 60 % of P & I claims due to damaged goods, normally as a result of water damage through hatch leakage.

By making sure you take the state of your hatches seriously and deliver cargo as promised, you can make sure you are the cargo industry leader trusted by your customers.

But you need the right technology to do this.

Finding where your weak spots are in your hatches is no easy feat, but Martek Marine has made it simple. With our groundbreaking ultrasound technology, hatch testing couldn’t be any easier or more cost-effective, surpassing traditional hatch testing methods that are unreliable and time-consuming.

Trust us to keep your hatches watertight so your customers can trust you too.

Invest and save a fortune

We told you earlier that 40 % – 60% of P and I claims are down to damage from leaky hatches. This not only damages your reputation when it happens but takes huge chunks out of your profits costing the industry around $46.9m per year.

Profits not only dwindle through claims but the inevitable repairs that you’d need to do your hatches to stop the leaks.

Neither of these sources of losses is unavoidable. Investing in Martek Marine’s ultrasound hatch testing technology can stop all of these problems from occurring. Picking up the smallest of leaks (which if left will just get bigger and bigger, costing you more down the line) will save you money and stress.

Keep your hatch covers covered.

While it’s helpful to you as a business to ensure your hatch covers are in perfect shape, it’s also a requirement by law.

The consequences for poor hatch upkeep are not just economical but for safety also. Poor hatch maintenance can lead to cargo liquefaction that in a worst-case scenario can cause a ship to roll without recovering.

With these dangers in mind, it’s a legal requirement by SOLAS to maintain your ship properly including that of maintaining your ship’s hatches. Your hatch covers are also subject to yearly inspections.

With all the headache of not maintaining your hatch covers properly, there’s no question that its a priority. Let Martek marine make it simple and cost-effective to keep all your hatches watertight with our ultrasound hatch testing.

You’ll not find a more efficient and cost-effective device anywhere else on the market. We know we’re the best at what we do, so let the best help make you be the best.

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