Sentry™ - Cargo Tank Pressure Monitoring

Sentry™ is a cargo tank pressure monitoring system designed in compliance with IMO Regulation 59, SOLAS Regulation II 6.3.2, providing an early warning of under/over pressurisation in cargo tanks.

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Section H.29 of the Marine Environmental, Safety and Quality Assurance for Industry Vessels in ExxonMobil Affiliate Service states:

"Vessels MUST have fixed cargo tanks pressure monitoring equipment fitted on board with display unit installed in the cargo control room and designed to have within manufacturers set alarms (High and low) including the additional setting of a minimum two desired alarms limits. This alarm should sound an audible and visual alarm in the CCR if the set limits are exceeded."

By installing a Sentry™ system from Martek Marine you can simply and quickly meet this new requirement and ensure your tankers are able to continue to trade with the oil majors.

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Intrinsically safe absolute pressure transducers continually monitor tank pressure and offer excellent durability and long-term stability.

The extremely compact control and alarm system provides indication of the measured pressure in each tank, and generates audio and visual alarms

  • Pre-calibrated sensors
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Cost effective solution
  • CE approved
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