The Lifeline VIEW



In the unforgiving world of marine emergencies, every second counts. When a crewmate suddenly collapses and has difficulty breathing, you need more than a defibrillator – you need a trusted ally. The Lifeline VIEW is that ally, with clear visual and audio guidance to direct you through each step of the rescue; saving a life becomes as intuitive as watching a video.


Features That Make a Difference:  

Easy to understand, full-colour video instructions:Simple, clear visual and audio guidance walks you through every step of the rescue process, ensuring you can provide life-saving care even in the most challenging conditions.


Multilingual Guidance: Empowering all crew members with effective CPR instructions in up to 25 languages. 


Effective CPR: During a rescue, it’s easy to lose track of the compressions needed and the proper timing. The Lifeline VIEW’s built-in metronome takes the guesswork out of CPR, providing a steady beat that guides you through each compression, ensuring you deliver life-saving care effectively. 


Long-lasting battery with up to 120 shocks:With a long-lasting battery capable of delivering up to 120 shocks, you can rest assured that the Lifeline VIEW will be ready when you need it most.