Fixed Cost Servicing


Avoiding a fixed-price service contract leaves you wide open to inflated prices, unexpected costs, and unsafe systems. Don’t risk compromising the safety and reliability of your critical onboard equipment. With Martek Marine’s fixed-price service contracts, you can ensure peace of mind, cost control, and optimal performance for your safety systems.

We offer fixed services on the following systems;

  • MM5001 – Fixed Gas Sampling System
  • MM5000T – Fixed Gas Sampling System
  • MM2000 – Addressable Gas Monitoring System
  • Vecsafe – Oxygen and Pressure Monitoring System
  • Bulksafe – Water Ingress Detection System
  • Navgard – Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System
  • iECDIS – Electronic Chart Display and Information System
  • MariNOx/Evolution – Emissions Monitoring System
  • Sentry – Cargo Tank Pressure Monitoring System