GD10P infrared gas detector



The GD10P fixed gas detector reigns supreme in combustible and toxic gas detection for offshore installations. This industry benchmark prioritises safety, stability, and minimal maintenance, ensuring reliable performance in demanding maritime environments.


Unlike traditional models, the GD10P utilises cutting-edge silicon-based solid-state infrared sources. This innovative design, coupled with its robust optomechanical construction, delivers an ultra-fast response time and unparalleled detector stability. The result is exceptional long-term performance with minimal service and maintenance needs, translating to significant cost savings.


  • 5 years warranty
  • 15 years warranty semiconductor IR source (Simtronics patent)
  • Zero maintenance
  • Response Time T90 < 1.0 s
  • SIL 2 certified (SIL3 software)
  • Early dirty optics warning for improved preventative maintenance