Your Lloyd's Register approved, MED certified Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) comes in the form of Navgard.

An incredibly simple and easy to use system, we guarantee Navgard is the cheapest, easiest, and quickest BNWAS to install on the market. What's more: we'll install it from a location suited to you.

Your BNWAS is essential to bridge safety: Navgard will detect when there has been no movement on the bridge. Two level alarms will sound to enable crew to respond in a timely - but not panicked! - manner.

Passive Infra-Red sensors are a key element of Navgard's effectiveness. While previously this was not approved by Lloyd's Register, this has since changed. If your Flag Administration allows PIR sensors as reliable BNWAS solutions - you can have Navgard on-board.

Navgard delivers continuity across your fleet for easy mixed vessel operation - no need for individual system training regardless of which vessels are in operation.
Key features of Navgard BNWAS include dual motion sensors to prevent false reset, a built-in motion detector with 10m range, and on/off alarm logging with password protected switch off.

Because having a reliable BNWAS is essential to the safety of your fleet, we also offer two exclusive deals!

Your first Navgard BNWAS order will be just $999 per unit - with all hardware, cabling, and installation included. Hurry though - this is a limited time offer.

The second offer on the table is this: for fleets over 20 vessels/ orders above 20 units, we'll offer you a Buy Now, Pay Later deal - with 0% interest. Yes, really. Of course, our standard Ts & Cs will apply - to make the most of these offers, contact us today.

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