Getting around the high seas has never been easier - or more compliant - than with iECDIS. As the ECDIS regulations set in, you're going to need a reliable, easy to use system on-board if you want to avoid fines and possibly detention.

The world's easiest ECDIS to use, iECDIS™ comes with flexible package options to suit your needs and budget.

Paperless navigation is the safest way of piloting your vessels, and iECDIS™ makes it easy with standard symbols, simple controls, and additional overlays such as weather and piracy alerts. Your electronic navigation charts (ENCs) are powered by Jeppesen, a Boeing company with a global reputation for quality and accuracy.

You'll be able to have the most up-to-date charts at all times, thanks to the varied upload options. Whether you prefer to update via CD-ROM, E-mail download, or via the new and patented 4G mobile antennae, you can rest assured the data you receive will be up-to-date.

Automatic updates with the 4G mobile antennae means that you'll never leave dock with outdated ENCs ever again!

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In the Navigation section you'll also find out more about Navgard™, our best-selling Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS). Approved by Lloyd's Register, Navgard™ is a top BNWAS system that provides true vessel safety. Ship operators with a mixed class fleet can - and should - use Navgard™ for their BNWAS system - it's a fully MED approved system suitable for all vessels.

Navgard™ is GUARANTEED to be the easiest, quickest, and lowest cost BNWAS to install - anywhere. We promise.

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