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Save 20% when you buy this bundle of the AlcoXS alcohol tester and NarcoSreen 9 panel drug testing kit.

The ALCO XS™ is a unique new marine breath alcohol tester (breathalyser) that never requires re-calibration. ALCO XS™ saves you a fortune compared to your conventional breathalysers which need sending ashore for annual calibration or worse still, annual replacement of the whole breathalyser which is an extreme waste.

The Narcoscreen kit includes:

  • 25 x foil-sealed sterile drug oral fluid screening cups
  • 2 x collection kits for positive results comprising:
    • 2 x sample bottles and saliva swabs
    • 1 x Chain of custody form
    • 1 x Custody envelope
    • 1 x Specimen pouch
    • 1 x Strip of security seals and barcodes
    • 1 x pre-addressed envelope for sample transport for laboratory testing
    • 1 x test instructions leaflet
    • 1 x training DVD
    • 1 x re-order form

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