NanOx Marine Fuel Treatment

Your engines might be efficient – but your fuel isn’t!

  • When used at the recommended treatment level, NanOx™ is a combustion enhancer and combustion deposit cleaner.

  • Make your fleet more fuel efficient by up to 7%

  • Reduce engine emissions by 25%

  • Increase engine power by 10%

  • Reduce maintenance costs
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Unburnt fuel results in you wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars every year – despite the millions invested in the development of engine optimisation. Fuel injection and electronic timing, turbocharging, advanced materials, and precision manufacturing all help your plight to reduce fuel consumption and emissions… but there are huge inefficiencies still left untapped.The fuel itself is the answer to your fuel consumption cost and emissions reductions.

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NanOx™ is the world's first nanotechnology fuel treatment, which helps you save money with every treatment. NanOx™ is a highly concentrated, microemulsion structure, multi-functional fuel additive which uses dynamic liquid nanotechnology. The molecular catalyst ensures that all your vessel's fuel is used to its maximum potential. You will find it increases your fuel efficiency and reduce emissions at the same time. As no fuel is wasted you are saving money with every single journey!

NanOx™ doesn't just work for the fuel you put in: it will also reduce engine wear, meaning you can extend the time between maintenance. The NanOx™ particles work on existing carbon build-up within the engine to effectively blast away residue to improve performance.

NanOx™ is TUV CERTIFIED to 7% fuel saving – and is the only fuel additive with a letter of no objection from Wartsila.

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Your obligation to reduce fuel emissions:

  • Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan - Section 5.27: "Additional means to improve engine efficiency might include the use of fuel additives".
  • Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan - Section 5.40: "Efforts could be made to source fuel of improved quality".
  • ISO 14001: "You must 'take actions to continually improve' - including emissions to air, energy emitted, generation of waste products, and use of raw materials".
  • Application:

  • NanOx™ is effective in all grades and types of gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, kerosene, heating oil, propane/butane, bio-fuels, light, medium and heavy fuel oils. Dose ratio varies with the level of performance desired.
  • Suggested dose ratio is 10,000:1 by volume (100ppm v/v).
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