mini-VSAT Broadband

Fast, secure, global connectivity delivered through industry-changing airtime rate plans.  

Drive profitability, increase efficiency and improve crew welfare with the advanced mini-VSAT Broadband service. 

This number 1 maritime VSAT network is transforming businesses at sea through high-speed and expanded VSAT coverage. The agile communication plan is a single monthly subscription, with no long-term contract resulting in no financial risk

Powered by unlimited worldwide data and providing expanded global coverage the mini-VSAT Broadband offers the latest advances in maritime satellite communications to deliver everything you want in a single package. 

✔ No long-term ownership costs

✔ NO commitment

✔ NO penalties

✔ NO hassles or headaches

Price on Application

Unlock the mini-VSAT Potential

  • No Commitment, Affordable Pricing & Free installation – New flexible airtime options to fit the needs of every size of type of commercial maritime operation.

  • Enhanced crew welfare – The IP-MobileCast content deliver service includes news, entertainment, music, sports and training.

  • Global support programme – 2-year parts and labour warranty along with the option to extend coverage up to 5 years.

  • Simple 1 box solution – Replace your entire rack of equipment for a smarter built-in solution designed to manage your network now and in the future.

  • The most advanced managed HTS network - With 272 million square kilometres (105 million square miles) of KVH’s industry-leading Ku-band VSAT coverage.

  • 6-Level Cybersecurity Programme - Including advanced network-level firewall with automated threat management to provide additional security, plus every system comes loaded with the award-winning KVH Videotel “Cybersecurity Safety at Sea” training programme to help seafarers reduce risk due to human behaviour.
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    Everything you need to stay connected

  • Hardwearing - Greater resilience to weather and rain fade than Ka-band services.

  • Crystal-clear, prioritized voice service for exceptional call quality - All systems also support Wi-Fi calling via compatible cell phones.

  • Automatic, fast switching among the network’s worldwide - Redundant beams for seamless and reliable communications wherever you travel.

  • High-speed global network - Delivers speeds as fast as 20/3 Mbps (down/up) using the TracPhone V11HTS and 10/3 Mbps (down/up) with the TracPhone V7hts.

  • Confidence through control – Enjoy complete visibility of and control over operational and crew data usage.

  • Blazing Speeds – High-speed data channel perfect for things like video-conferencing, web browsing, streaming and more.

  • Unlimited Use – An unlimited use data channel offering a variety of speed-based plans for ioT updates, crew use and more.

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