MGC Simple+

A World First In Gas Detection

From Zone 0 to inert atmospheres - with the MGC Simple+ you’re always good to go.

Innovative 3-year battery life and cutting-edge infrared technology removes the need to calibrate, meaning no unproductive maintenance breaks and no expensive sensor replacement.

This all-in-one solution guarantees compliance and reduces risk whilst saving time and money - all at the touch of a single button.

Price on Application

The world’s first “NO calibration” portable multi-gas detector.

The revolution is here… Always charged, and always calibrated the MGC Simple+ is ready to detect anywhere at any time.

The MGC Simple+ rivals all existing portable gas detectors with its cutting-edge infrared LEL sensor technology, making it immune from sensor poisoning and drift.

This advance in technology means no calibration is required. If your company requires calibration it can be quickly completed using the optional calibration station.

The MGC Simple+ is the first and only portable gas detector designed with 3 years of battery life and up to 90 seconds of alarm each day means you never need to charge or consider the detector not being ready for the job.

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Never worry about maintenance or spares replacement again. The MGC Simple+ comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can operate safely in the knowledge that any issues will be resolved quickly and free of charge.

It’s the toughest portable gas detector on the planet, capable of operating in any situation. The IP68 rating meaning its safe from the finest dust and can even be submerged 1.5m underwater without impacting performance. It will even work in Zone 0 (flammable) environments and a completely inert (oxygen free) environment.

Data and accountability is essential in the event of an investigation. The MGC Simple+ will record data at 1-second intervals as well as the last 25 bump tests over the last 2 months. It’s completely customisable – sensor and alarm levels can be adjusted to suit the role required and each device can be digitally assigned to a crew member or department.

You’ll never go back after using the MGC Simple+. Revolutionise your gas detectors today.

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NO CALIBRATION - The portable multi-gas detector rivals all existing gas detectors and features cutting-edge infrared sensor technology, meaning it’s immune to sensor poisoning.

NO CHARGING - The only portable gas detector designed with 3 years of battery life which includes up to 90 seconds of alarm each day, so you never need to charge the detector.

NO COSTS - Requires no maintenance, servicing or sensor replacement.

NO MAINTENANCE - Unbox and you’re good to go. The detector comes with a lifetime warranty.

NO LIMITS - The most robust and advanced portable gas detector on the planet. With an IP68 rating, it’s safe from the finest dust and can even be submerged under 1.5m underwater for 30 minutes.

NO OXYGEN – It will even work in completely inert (oxygen free) and Zone 0 (flammable) environments. Always charged, and always calibrated it is ready to go anywhere at any time.

NO CONFUSION - Completely customisable, the sensor and alarm levels can be adjusted to suit the role required and each device can be digitally assigned to a crew member or department. Device reminders can be configured to alert crew when bump test is required as per company standards.

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Understandably there are lots of questions about MGC Simple+. We’ve put together this section with the most frequently asked questions and answers. If you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to get in touch and ask us.

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Q. Why doesn’t the MGC Simple+ need calibrating?

A. The MCG Simple+ uses state of the art infrared technology for its LEL sensor.

This makes the sensor immune to sensor poisoning and will not become less responsive over time.

This removes the need to calibrate the LEL sensor.

The other sensors in the detector are the same as those used in single gas disposable instruments and it is already accepted that they do not require calibration.

Q. My current O2 sensor only last 2 years, will the MGC Simple+ O2 sensor need replacing?

A. The MGC Simple+ O2 sensor has been designed and tested to ensure it will not need replacing during the 3 year lifetime.

Q. I need to calibrate; can I do that with the MGC Simple+?

A. Yes, the MGC Simple+ can be calibrated as frequently as you need.

Calibration can be carried out using the calibration dock or FastCalGas calibration gas in the same way as other instruments such as the Marine4.

We understand some risk assessments and safe systems of work require calibration to be carried out. Calibration reminders can easily be set up.

Q. Does the MGC Simple+ come with warranty?

A. Yes, the MGC Simple+ comes with 3 years warranty covering the entire lifespan of the device. This means there are no out of warranty repair costs you find with other devices such as backlight or sounder failures.

Whilst you will calibrate as required, you can rest easy in the knowledge your infrared LEL sensor is still as optimal as the day it was produced and immune from sensor poisoning.

Q. Does the MGC Simple+ need charging?

A. No, the MGC Simple+ comes with 3 years of battery life.

Where traditional pellistor/catalytic bead LEL sensors drained battery life. The MGC Simple+ replaces the power-hungry heated aluminium coil for a low powered infrared light source.

The 3-year battery life covers everyday use, daily bump tests and 90 seconds of alarm every day.

Q. What happens after 3 years?

A. You simply throw away the MGC Simple+.

After 3 years, most sensors reach the end of their life and require replacement. The cost of serving, replacing and shipping means it’s much cheaper to replace the device.

As well as cutting replacement costs, your new MGC Simple+ will again come with 3 years warranty to cover any fault in the working life of the device.

Q. The MGC Simple+ works on diffusion, is there a pumped version?

A. A  motorised pump is currently being developed for Q1 2019.

It is a versatile accessory that can be used with the MGC Simple+ to expand its capabilities to draw gas samples from confined spaces.

The pump has its own battery source and will not impact on the battery life of the MGC Simple+.

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