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SCA is the world’s biggest killer and can happen to anyone, anywhere at anytime. The only way to save a victim of SCA is with a defibrillator. Could you save a member of your crew on board ship?

A Guide to Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Sudden Cardiac Arrest can affect anyone, anytime and anywhere – regardless of how fit they may be. The only thing proven to improve the chance of survival is with an electric shock to the heart with an automated external defibrillator to restore a normal heart rhythm.

Without this, the patient will die. Survival rates drop by 10% with every minute that passes during a sudden cardiac arrest – so every second is vital. At sea, no emergency response unit will ever reach your vessel in that time, so it’s up to you to have the right equipment on-board to save a life when necessary.

This guide provides you with the best information on SCA and how it can be treated. It has been compiled using extensive medical research.

  • The facts about SCA
  • What is SCA
  • Causes of SCA
  • The adult chain of survival
  • Treatment for SCA and more
  • What is CPR?
  • Who can use an AED?

Bonus: Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ brush with death

1 in 5 ship excursions are forced to divert due to medical reasons. The potential cost saving to the maritime industry is in excess of $168 million per year.

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