Maritime Anti-Drone System

Detect and Defeat Drones

Safeguard your skies with a purpose built drone detection and defeat system.

Price on Application

The threat from above

To combat these emerging drone threats Martek Marine have developed the M.A.D.S™ maritime anti-drone system. M.A.D.S™ detects and identifies commercial drones within a 5+km range, providing GPS positioning of both drone & pilot together with the drone’s speed & heading. Configurable and escalating stage alarms in real time allow the threat level to be assessed in good time to decide on appropriate defence actions.

    Once a real drone threat has been established, the system enables a 500m+ electronic ‘exclusion zone’ to be created around the yacht. Should the drone approach this exclusion zone, its control/video signal will be blocked, initiating its fail-safe mode forcing it to land or return to its operator.

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Detect & identify threats

  • Monitor GPS position & flight path
  • View historical drone detection data
  • Identify make & model number
  • All-weather industrial level design
  • Public or private cloud setup
  • Defeat

  • Disrupts the control signals between a drone and its controller
  • Fixed and portable M.A.D.S™ drone jammers available
  • Selectable operation frequency bands
  • Long-range jamming ability
  • Sealed enclosure (rain, sand and dust proof)
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    “We chose the M.A.D.S™ system from Martek for our clients because it was overwhelmingly the most proven and best value product on the market designed specifically to withstand the rigours off maritime application. Their ‘Platinum’ package offered unique value compared to everything else. With 18-years of maritime pedigree, a global service presence & exceptional financial strength, we know Martek will be there when we need them.”

    Harvey Sutton

    Yacht Manager

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