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If you are looking to install a BNWAS on any vessels classified by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (LR) it is essential to ensure that the system meets specific BNWAS requirements set out by LR.

LR initially did not accept the use of passive infra red (PIR) sensors to detect movement on the ship’s bridge. However, more recently LR has modified their position on the use of PIRs to say:

“LR does accept the use of reset arrangements based on the detection of movement for vessels where Flag Administrations accept the use of them. However, LR does not accept the use of reset arrangements based on the detection of movement for vessels with the additional optional ‘NAV1’ or ‘IBS’ class notations.”

So, provided that the Flag Administrator of your vessel approves of their use as a method of resetting your BNWAS and your vessel does not have additional ‘NAV1’ or ‘IBS’ notations then you are able to use PIRs as a more convenient reset method.

Navgard™ - BNWAS

Navgard™ is a BNWAS that has been developed to achieve approvals from all of the major classification societies. As part of this process we have developed a version of the system that uses manual reset buttons instead of motion detectors and this system is fully Type Approved and MED Approved by Lloyd’s Register.

  • MED Approved (LR)
  • Easiest, Quickest & Lowest Cost System To Install - GUARANTEED
  • 2-Year Warranty - Built To Last On Your Ships
  • ON/OFF & Alarm Logging + Password Protected Switch Off
  • 'Dual Tech' Motion Sensor - Prevent False Reset
  • Built-in Central Motion Detector with 10m Range
  • Worldwide Service & Sales Partners
  • Ex-Stock Availability
  • Buy Now, Pay Later – 0% Interest*

*Offer applies to fleet deals over 20 vessels.

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Mixed Classed Vessels in Your Fleet?

If you have mixture of classed vessels in your fleet then Navgard™ gives you continuity of system across all your vessels as it is the first and only BNWAS to be approved by all major classification societies.

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