LIFEFORCE® Specialist Marine Type Approved Defibrillator (AED) Bronze Package

  • Standard Lithium Battery Pack + 9-Volt Battery;

  • 2 Pairs of Defibrillator Pads;

  • 1 Rescue Kit – Scissors, Razor, Wipes, Face Shield & Gloves;

  • CPR Metronome;

  • • Capable of up to 12 hours of ECG and Event Data Storage;

  • User Manual & Quick Use Card;

  • Support Package – 8 Year Warranty, Pad Reminder Service

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LIFEFORCE® is an automated external defibrillator (AED) - specifically designed for the marine environment and was the world's first defibrillator to be Type Approved. It is designed to be the simplest to use AED on the market and independent tests have proven that members of the public without any training can deliver a life-saving shock quicker than any other unit in the market.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the world's biggest killer, killing over 3 million people worldwide every year. If there is a fatality due to SCA, what words could you possibly find to console the victim's family, friends and crew members when you had no equipment to help - because you didn't have the time, the budget or the knowledge?

Could you save a member of your team on-board your vessel? You are responsible for protecting the lives of your crew at sea, and you know that a happy and secure crew is a productive one!

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With a built-in handle and weighing just 1.9kg the LIFEFORCE® AED is portable, lightweight and can easily be stored and carried to a victim's side. It is a durable piece of equipment, tested for use in even the most hostile environments. The unit is weatherproof, with ruggedized handles and sides for ultimate protection from impact damage.

Martek offers a range of training options. You can have a dedicated standalone training unit; your LIFEFORCE® AED can be easily converted into a temporary training unit for in-house training, or we can offer on-site certified training.

“We undertook a thorough investigation of the global AED market before deciding on a model and partner to be equipped throughout the fleet. It was concluded that the LIFEFORCE AED from Martek Marine met all our criteria, with proven shipboard pedigree and type approval from DNV GL. As the leading ship management company in the industry, crew welfare is our highest priority, and as such we have mandated the requirement for AEDs on every ship to protect against sudden cardiac arrest.” says V.Ships.

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Why buy Lifeforce AED: the world's first TYPE APPROVED defibrillator designed for the marine environment?

MARINE GL TYPE-APPROVED - Meets all regulatory, technical and safety requirements

SIMPLE & FOOL-PROOF - Proven to be the world's simplest AED with spoken instructions to guide the user - can be operated by anyone in an emergency! See for yourself: watch the video NOW!

SAFE - Incredibly safe to use - if no shock is required, it's impossible to deliver one

AUTOMATIC - Analyses if a shock is required - rescuer presses one button to deliver the shock

FAST - Fastest acting defibrillator in the market - 3 minutes

PORTABLE – Built-in handle & weighing just 1.9kg: easily stored, or carried to the victim’s side

DURABLE - Tested to IP55 rating and to rugged military standards - Weatherproof, with ruggedized rubber casing for protection against impact damage

FUTURE-PROOF –Updated with legislation changes on-site in minutes & at no additional cost

AFFORDABLE – Crew welfare bundles available - pay monthly

WORLDWIDE SUPPORT – Total support package which proactively manages replacement of consumables and offers a range of training options.

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Understandably there are lots of questions about Lifeforce. We’ve put together this section with the most frequently asked questions and answers. If you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to get in touch and ask us.

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Q. Why do we need AEDs?

A. AEDs save lives. When a person has a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), their heart's regular rhythm becomes chaotic or arrhythmic, which means it is not pumping blood around the body.

Every minute that the heart is not beating, this lower the odds of survival by 7% to 10%. After 10 minutes without defibrillation very few people survive.

The only treatment is defibrillation administered through a defibrillation device, such as an AED.

Q. What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

A. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is when the heart's normal rhythm suddenly becomes chaotic. The heart can no longer pump the blood effectively and the victim collapses, stops breathing, becomes unresponsive, and has no detectable pulse. When used on a victim of SCA, the AED can be used to administer a life-saving electric shock that restores the heart's rhythm to normal. 

Both a heart attack (myocardial infarction) and a sudden cardiac arrest are heart-related, but they are different problems. SCA is an electrical problem; a heart attack is a "plumbing" problem. Sometimes a heart attack, which may not be fatal can trigger a sudden cardiac arrest

Q. I am worried about the legal implications, can I be held liable?

A. There is always concern for any person attempting to resuscitate someone that a claim may be brought against them if the casualty suffers harm due to their rescue attempt.  It is very difficult to give a definitive answer to legal issues surrounding AEDs due to the absence of any legal precedent, as there has never been a case won against an AED user.  The fact is that AEDs make the decision to shock or not to shock and in no circumstances, can the user administer a shock if it is not required. There have been no documented cases of an AED providing the wrong treatment.  There has however, been successful cases in the USA against companies who have failed to provide an AED.

Q. What if my crew are scared of using the AED?

A. In a rescue attempt, there is occasionally a concern by the user, that they may do more harm than good by using an AED.  It is not possible to shock someone who isn’t in cardiac arrest as the AEDs are fool proof and make all the decisions for the user.

Once a first aider has had the chance to see a demonstration of an AED and realises that the unit does all the work and they can’t make a mistake, almost all crew are more than comfortable to use the AED.  In addition, we can offer a comprehensive training course that always leaves people ready to act in an emergency.

Q. What if I don't have crew qualified to use an AED?

A. At this current time there is no legal requirement for training in the use of AEDs. The LIFEFORCE® AED is designed to be unintimidating and, as highlighted above, has proven to be the world's simplest AED to use.

LIFEFORCE®has been independently assessed against 4 other leading AEDs by the University of Illinois in an ease and success of use study. The study concluded that the LIFEFORCE®family of AEDs is the simplest and most successful to use in the world. Specifically, the study showed that:

“Users are on average 26% more likely to deliver effective defibrillation using LIFEFORCE® than with other AED’s”

We do however recommend training is undertaken as this can help crew feel more confident about the use of AEDs. 

Q. What LIFEFORCE® training do you provide?

A. There are 3 options available that can be used as standalone options or can be combined to ensure you have peace of mind:

Comprehensive training course - This covers all aspects of AED rescue and teaches basic CPR, along with all the information a first responder will need to know for an emergency cardiac situation. 

Standalone training unit - This is a complete ready to use training unit designed specifically for training simulations.  The pack includes the training AED, training battery, training pads, remote control and battery charger.  This can’t be used for treatment at any time.

Training upgrade package - this package allows the Lifeline® AED to be temporarily converted to a training unit, allowing you to simulate a rescue scenario and provide refresher training at your convenience.

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