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Reports about the existence of Legionella Bacteria in waters are on the rise. Legionella water testing doesn’t have to be complicated to take you days or a week before you get the result. Know what your water is made of. Remove your doubts and uncertainty with the help of LegionellaMAX water testing kit.. The most reliable Legionella testing kit on the market.

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Why Get LegionellaMAX?

The waiting game is over. Have your water tested and get results within 35 minutes. No more lab testing, guaranteed peace of mind.

No formal training required & no need to measure or dilute solutions.

Improving the previous market-leading test to 100 CFU per litre.

Tests both water samples and biofilms taken from any source.

How LegionellaMAX Works?

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Legionella: Seafarers Essential Information

To make the process of Legionella testing easier, we’ve put together a guide that discusses how Legionella reaches your vessel, what the relevant potable water legislations mean for you, and the best way you can prevent an outbreak from occurring on your vessel.

You can download this free guide by clicking on the button below.

Hear it straight from our customers


“We chose the DrinkSafe™ Max because it provided us with Martek’s guaranteed compliance with all flag state requirements and it gave the crew the benefit of the simplest and easiest test procedures on board.

Furthermore, the on-board training procedure provides a test certificate which acknowledges that the crew has undergone the training and tests that they are competent to use it. We were advised that each component of the kit took into account the following rules and bodies to full satisfaction: MLC 2006; ILO; WHO; IACS Member Societies.”

Chris Goldsworthy, Bernhard Schulte Ship Management

“We chose DrinkSafe™ because it contained enough tests to daily water testing at multiple outlets as per WHO + ILO guidelines offering the lowest cost per test of all kits. DrinkSafe™ was also easy to understand and the kit looks simplest and quickest to use.”

Chris Goldsworthy, Bernhard Schulte Ship Management

“The DrinkSafe™ potable water testing from Martek Marine was selected because it was the simplest procedure for carrying out tests onboard and in addition the cost per test was also the most economic on the market. Furthermore, the kit completely adheres to the MLC 2006 directive and is in line with the WHO recommendations for tests types and frequencies.”

Michael Powell, Graig Shipping PLC

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