iVital™ - Marine Telemedicine

The Business Case for Telemedicine

  • 1 in 5 ships are forced to divert for medical reasons each year

  • Approximately 7% of seafarers will be evacuated from the vessel in which they are working each year

  • $180,000 is average cost per diversion for medical reasons

  • Telemedicine can reduce the number of necessary ship diversions by 20%

  • $168 million per year estimated industry saving

  • The average cost of a helicopter evacuation is around $25,000
Price on Application

Be part of the global revolution in telehealth!

You already know that, as a ship operator, you are obliged under the MLC 2006 to provide equivalent on-board healthcare as close as possible to on-shore counterparts.

Martek Marine have applied new groundbreaking technology to create iVital™, the first complete telemedicine solution available for a monthly fee. With no capital investment required, iVital™ enables you to dramatically increase the quality of care to your crew.

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The world's first complete telemedicine solution

Having a crew member fall sick is an all-too-common scenario, which leaves you with a tough decision to make. Without diagnostic equipment on board, judging the severity of a condition is impossible, leaving you the choice between risking the wellbeing of a crew member or massive diversion costs. Emergency situations aren't the only thing you'll be dealing with: increased obesity in the global population means you're going to face many crew members with chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and musculoskeletal issues.

Telemedicine is one potential solution to this problem. After working with the National Health Service in the United Kingdom for several years, Martek Marine has developed iVital™, the world’s first complete telemedicine solution.

iVital™ brings you a complete package of medically certified hardware and software, backed up by a cutting edge cloud server and specialist clinical service. With this telemedicine system, you can stream medical information to clinicians on shore who can provide an accurate diagnosis so that you can make intelligent, informed decisions regarding crew healthcare.

iVital™ means an end to those costly and dangerous consequences associated with the old way of handling medical emergencies such as unnecessary exacerbations of the crew member’s condition, quarantined ships, medical diversions or delays.

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The full kit includes:

  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Pulse oximeter
  • IR forehead thermometer
  • ECG monitor (optional)
  • Glucometer (optional)
  • iVital™ is designed to be easy to use - simply attach wireless sensors to the crew member in order to record their vital signs, and transmit the details via a wireless connection. An on-shore clinician will then diagnose the condition and talk you through the necessary steps to manage the illness or injury, or help arrange transfer to an on-shore hospital, and, if necessary, oversee the crew member’s ongoing care and treatment plan. All of the patient’s records will also be held on a military secure IT system and stored in accordance with IG governance standards, so patient confidentiality is assured.

    Get in touch today for a quote or for more information on how iVital™ can help you get top level healthcare at a small cost, and safeguard your crew’s wellbeing!

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Understandably there are lots of questions about iVital Telemedicine. We’ve put together this section with the most frequently asked questions and answers. If you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to get in touch and ask us.

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Q. What does iVital consist of?

A. iVital is a complete telemedicine service - it includes a slimline briefcase that contains all of the hardware: a tablet computer with iVital locked software, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, IR forehead thermometer, ECG sensor monitor (optional) and Glucometer (optional). The Marine LIFEFORCE Type Approved Defibrillator can also be included in the service for a small additional monthly fee.

Q. How is iVital different from similar products?

A. The iVital service includes 24/7 access to clinical consultants via Skype and phone, a unique on-board assessment of crew member’s history and current medical status. It stands out in the market as it is the ONLY complete telemedicine service on offer. Other telemedicine offerings include either the hardware/equipment OR the service - not both. iVITAL is the complete package.

Q. How is iVital different to my current radio solution or current Skype connection?

A. Vital provides a real-time audio and visual connection between the doctor and the patient/crewmember with immediate access to real-time vital sign monitoring and diagnostics. Without access to real-time vital signs of the patient/crewmember, an accurate diagnosis cannot be made.

Q. Do I need internet/ Wi-Fi on-board for this to work?

A. The vessel will need a VSAT connection.

Q. How much does it cost to speak with Clinician?

A. Approximately 100 USD per hour

Q. Are there Clinicians who could speak in Languages other than English?

A. The doctors/ clinicians speak English and there is an interpreter service available.

Q. How do you take care to ensure that the equipment placed on board is in good working condition all the time?

A. Within the supporting documentation that the nominated first aider on board should have a regime where they frequently test the system including the medical devices.

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