iCon - Enabling Smart Ships

    Maritime Power Line Communication (PLC) System

    iCon™ is a revolutionary on-board enabling system that can turn any area and aspect of your ship’s operation into a smart and remotely controllable asset. iCon™ retrofits onto any ship in just a matter of hours, revolutionising the way IP networks are deployed within vessels.

Price on Application

GUARANTEED to perform on ships

It enables multiple applications such as CCTV, Wi-Fi, Telemedicine, wireless engine / cargo sensors, RFiD Tracking and LAN connectivity. With the iCon™ network connected to satellite communications this enables access to all vessel operational data and CCTV images remotely.

  • No hotwork, drilling, cabling
  • Retrofitted within hours
  • All vessel operational areas enabled & benefit
  • Promotes crew welfare
  • Built to last on ships
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How can iCon™ help your vessel

    The issue:

    Limited data connections to and on-board your vessels can affect:
  • Your daily operations efficiency
  • Your monitoring capability
  • The welfare of your crew: slow wifi increasing frustration and reducing morale
    • The solution:

    • iCon’s plug and play solution instantly “connects” your vessel
    • Works within your existing power lines – no modifications needed
    • Retrofitted to any vessel in just 4 hours – so no loss of operational service
      • The benefit:

      • You get a faster and more reliable connection
      • Improved daily operational efficiency
      • Confidence in your on-board monitoring
      • Improved crew welfare and morale
      • Better efficiency all round leading to greater profitability.
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