iCHART™ - Electronic Chart Service

iCHART™ is the electronic chart service from Martek Marine covering charts (both private and ENC), chart overlays for improved navigation decisions, navigational planning tools and voyage / vessel optimisation.

Key Features

  • Satisfies the SOLAS carriage requirements

  • Enables paperless navigation on a type approved ECDIS

  • Easy and flexible licensing

  • Type approved SENC distribution

  • Quick and easy installation - supported by the majority of ECDIS

  • CAES updating includes New Editions and New Charts

  • CAES is effective and efficient – lower data sizes mean lower communication costs
Price on Application


With iCHART™ you can be certain of having the right charts for your voyage – whether that be ENCs, private charts or a combination of the two with the C-MAP PRIMAR chart database. We’ll work with you to pick the best solution.

By choosing iCHART™ for your chart solution you’re guaranteed compliant with the ECDIS regulations and have access to a superior digital navigation solution.

With C-MAP, part of the Boeing group of companies, you have a trusted navigational partner. C-MAP is over 80 years old – as old as aviation itself!


  • C-MAP ENC Service (Electronic Navigation Charts): The C-MAP ENC Service contains only official Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) produced by national Hydrographic Offices and fully approved to meet the SOLAS carriage requirements and the ECDIS mandate.
  • C-MAP Professional+: Professional+ is a private chart database in vector format for early adoption of digital navigation.
  • C-MAP PRIMAR ECDIS Service: The C-MAP PRIMAR chart database offers global vector chart coverage by combining the official ENC service and the Professional+ private vector chart database.
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C-MAP, a leading supplier of digital navigation products into the maritime market has been appointed by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office as a distributor of its ADMIRALTY products.

3 elements to Admiralty services - AVCS (charts which are produced in SENC which loads much faster), ADP (digital publications) and e-NP (nautical publications).

AVCS -the world’s leading ENC Service - will now be provided by C-MAP in the time and cost efficient DNV certified SENC data compression format.

Named C-MAP ADMIRALTY ENC Service (CAES), the new service is complementary to other C-MAP services including Weather, Piracy and Professional+ (Pro+) chart data.

Based on ADMIRALTY AVCS data, CAES provides the widest possible coverage available in official ENCs.

Customers can now benefit from a number of innovative licensing solutions for navigational data which will assist in meeting their obligations for safe navigation.

As a global distributor for Admiralty products, C-MAP strengthens its position as the cost effective and flexible provider of navigational products for safe and smart shipping.

Our C-MAP ADMIRALTY ENC Service gives you the freedom to choose the licensing methods best suited to your company or vessels. Your options include FlatFee, OpenENC (PAYS), DynamicLicensing and DirectLicensing.

Most of our C-MAP Licensing methods can also be combined to meet your unique operational requirements.

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The CAES Format

CAES is distributed in our DNV approved SENC format. This compressed format allows the data to be imported into your ECDIS in a fraction of the time required by other data formats, reducing risk and communication costs - making the update process simple and easy.

C-MAP NauticalCatalog

To receive an up-to-date overview of available ENC coverage, plan a portfolio, or prepare an order, please log in to C-MAP NauticalCatalog.


Safe navigation is only possible with accurate and detailed information. By combining your charts with weather and piracy overlays you can make more informed navigational decisions to not only increase safety but to also make optimal voyage decisions to save costs.

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Managing Your Chart Portfolios – Selection,  Licensing & Updating

You’ll want a method to manage your chart selection and with iCHART™ you’ll have several options depending on your preferences and circumstances. 

  • C-MAP Ocean View: Ocean View is a desktop software platform for sophisticated chart viewing for planning purposes and operational decision making taking into account piracy, weather and automatic route planning. 
  • C-MAP Nautical Manager: C-MAP Nautical Manager is for on-board chart portfolio management, licensing and route updating. 
  • C-MAP Nautical Catalog: The C-MAP Nautical Catalog is an online portal for choosing and ordering your electronic charts. 
  • C-MAP Chart Catalog: The C-MAP Chart Catalog is an alternative to Nautical Catalog if no internet access if available. 
  • C-MAP Online and Jeppesen Online+ Update Wizard: The Update Wizard is an online resource for downloading up to date chart databases – ENC, Professional+ and PRIMAR. 
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Integrated Maritime Suite – Other Jeppesen Products

In addition to all of the above, C-MAP are able to supply some other navigational aids under the Integrated Maritime Suite. These include C-MAP Fleet Manager, C-MAP Ship Report and C-MAP Vessel and Voyage Optimization Solution (VVOS).

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