Part of our ongoing commitment to improving safety on-board ships includes two very important cargo tank monitoring systems.

The first is Vecsafe. This system is designed to continuously analyse your Vapour Emission Control System (VECS) to ensure there is not too much oxygen in your cargo tanks - nor too much or too little air pressure.

You don't want your cargo tanks exploding. That's why we invented Vecsafe.

During loading, Vecsafe will monitor inert oxygen and pressure levels in your VECS to a level of 8% in alignment with IMO and USCG legislation. Every vapour line is monitored so you can be sure of an accurate reading.

Easy to use control panels and clear alarm systems make Vecsafe simple and safe to operate.

Our other offering for cargo tank monitoring systems is the ever popular fixed Sentry system.

A fixed cargo tank pressure monitoring system, Sentry complies with IMO Regulation 59 and SOLAS Regulation II 6.3.2. You'll be ready to charter trade with oil majors, too, as the Sentry system also makes you compliant with the Exxon Mobil Marine Environmental, Safety and Quality Assurance for Industry Vessels under section H.29.

Simple, clear, and easy to read interfaces ensure straightforward operation for the fixed cargo monitoring system. Continual tank pressure monitoring is provided by intrinsically safe absolute pressure transducers, while the inbuilt alarm systems allow for early warning of potential risks.

Both of our intrinsically safe cargo tank pressure monitoring systems can be installed by our trained engineers, anywhere in the world. Whether you need one or one hundred systems, we're able to help - just give us a call!

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